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In 2016, rumors sprang about that Twitter was planning to raise the character limit from 140 to 10,000. "Finally the right time to use this gif." I don’t want to spoil anything about the rest of the movie, except to say that investigating the killings leads Hobbes down a dangerous, dark path and ends with a twist that will have you doing, well … this: It’s somewhat ironic that this one moment from the movie has come to symbolize relief and happiness that no one is dead, when it’s from an extremely tense movie where, well, a lot of people are dead. We don’t. Dear @Denzealots and #TonyAwards twitter--did anyone catch a GIF of Mr Denzel Washington's face at the end of the #MeanGirls number? Not at all. You immediately think, Oh god, what happened? It’s a good movie. And luckily, it’s streaming right now on Hulu and might be the perfect addition to your weekend! It’s a gif you see probably every week on Twitter, if not every day. 2017-05-10. Please don't make more than two posts within a 24-hour period. Born on December 28, 1954, Denzel Washington is one of the most popular names in the movie and TV industry. Home / Action GIF / Cool Denzel Washington. Create. Have a tip or story idea? That killer, Edgar Reese, delivers Hobbes a cryptic message in Aramaic before his execution, and as soon as he’s dead, copycat murders start occurring. Along with the famous reaction gif of the actor looking relieved. "Finally the right time to use this gif," along with a gif of Washington looking relieved. Search, discover and share your favorite Denzel Washington GIFs. Share the best GIFs now >>> However, most fans immediately think about death. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Why grating? The list includes Malcolm … Share the best GIFs now >>> Selling twit followed by Denzel curry. Donald Trump Was Just Impeached Again. Online, people, particularly on Twitter, use the GIF when a celebrity's name is trending, and the person wrongly assumes that celebrity has died. Empowering creativity on teh interwebz Imgflip LLC 2021. Want more stories like this? Cool Denzel Washington GIF. But if you’re a fan of mystery, horror, or anything supernatural, I highly recommend you add Fallen to your watch list. Jul 7, 2019 - The perfect Disappointed FacePalm ChrisTucker Animated GIF for your conversation. It’s a light moment from a really dark movie, one full of excellent performances by a stellar supporting cast (John Goodman! It’s almost as if Twitter itself is insisting you use a different GIF. Selling twitter @s. by squeal; 0 35 Wednesday at 8:58 AM. #Denzel — LE (@ArtsHumana) June 11, 2018. It’s a meme that’s become part of our internet language and it’s great. A scandalous activity is one example of why a person could be trending while disease is another. $1 by Emy; 3 64 Yesterday at 7:13 AM. Same. Director Gregory Hoblit does a great job, and it’s a bummer he never became a bigger name, though he did make other great films. Search, discover and share your favorite Denzel GIFs. A Paul Revere even. Perhaps the better word is “unimaginative,” or even “lazy,” particularly when most of the people sharing it are well aware of how redundant it is (see above). Have you ever seen Fallen? Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart ... Facebook Twitter Android App Chrome Extension Firefox Addon. But do you know what movie the gif is from? Denzel Washington Gif: ... Denzel nor any other actor is not required to feed in to politically infused controversy just for the sake of a nice NBC soundbyte or interview. Relieved Denzel Washington Meme in Action: But the determination of the state to lock a black woman away is enough to set your entire head on fire. Even in a horror film, Denzel is a comfort. Do you have a wacky AI that can write memes for me? There's room for gifs of all kinds here. … At this point, it’s almost like people are treating the Denzel GIF as some flag to be raised, an insignia for all the celebrities out there. Hell, here’s what comes up when you simply type in “relief.”, Wouldn’t you know: Denzel isn’t even in the top three rows. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Images tagged "denzel training day". VARSITY STARS! He has starred in a medical drama, St. You see a random celebrity trending on the side. It speaks more to how much we still love Denzel Washington, and how his charm and warmth shines through even in GIF format. It didn’t make much money and got poor reviews and a lot of people forgot it, which is a shame because it’s a legitimately good movie. Share. Every time a celebrity trends on Twitter, the Oscar winner appears to reassure us. He was born in Stockton, Missouri, on July 30, 1935, the son of Harlen and Laverne Hyder Hamilton. Jessica Mason (she/her) is a writer based in Portland, Oregon with a focus on fandom, queer representation, and amazing women in film and television. Email us. It’s a gif you see probably every week on Twitter, if not every day. On one hand, it’s kind of nice to have one of America’s finest living actors serve as a pseudo angel of sorts, but on the other, it’s a tad grating, especially in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, when everyone’s trending at every second of the day. SIRENS | Z1RENZ Lyrics: Babe, when you hear the siren sounds / When the karma come back 'round, don't let me down / Babe, there's a time to stand … (Having said that, it’s also couching that wonderful Elaine Benes GIF, which is admittedly far more deserving and underused than the others they’re offering, but whatever.) What We Should Remember From the Reconstruction Era as Joe Biden Talks About Unity, The Undeniable Power of a Presidential Couple Who Love Each Other, Trump Leaving To Elton John’s “Funeral for a Friend” Is So Dramatic, Bernie Sanders’ Mitten-Clad, Dadcore Inauguration Look Maybe Broke All of Us, Here Are the Policies Joe Biden Will Change TODAY. However, you’ve probably seen the GIF that’s taken from the film: Denzel, sitting there contemplative, only to clutch his chest as he give us that Oscar-winning smile of his. Facebook; Twitter; Google + Stumbleupon; Pinterest; Most Related Moving Images. But eventually, we’ll be right back to where we are…, Op-Eds, Hot Takes, or Long-Form Articles From Consequence's Finest, Denzel Washington in Fallen (Warner Bros.), HBO to Stream 500 Hours of Programming For Free, Unlocks Nine Original Series, Parrot Singing Along to Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, GN'R, and More Has the Voice of an Angel: Watch, Dave Grohl Says New Foo Fighters Song Is a Tribute to Lemmy, Recalls Motörhead Icon's "Disgusting" Apartment, New Radicals Perform "You Get What You Give" at Joe Biden's Inauguration Parade: Watch, Joe Exotic Snubbed of Pardon Despite Hiring Limo to Pick Him Up from Prison. Denzel Washington Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. And really, we have so many options out there. Tap to play or pause GIF Paramount Pictures But in ... as well as the upcoming crime drama The Little Things, with Denzel Washington and Rami Malek. Elsewhere, and appeared in some of the most notable films in the 90s. And lo and behold, it’s just something else — a charity event, a dumb TikTok video, whatever. By Chelsea Steiner May 26th, 2020, 1:26 pm It would be an understatement to say that Twitter is problematic. Originally, the meme became popularized as a gif and has since transformed into a clever response for (nearly) heart dropping situations like when you thought your favorite celebrity died. Well, that’s a bit much. I went through the typical stages of social media shock and eventually ended up feeling like the Twitter-popular Denzel Washington meme. And beyond that, did you know that Fallen, the source of the “relieved Denzel Meme” is a flat-out awesome flick? Fallen hit theaters in 1998 and barely made an impression with audiences or critics. They’re not alone. Hello & Goodbye Gifs High Five Gifs I Quit Gifs Indifferent Gifs Inspiring Gifs Insult Gifs Laughing Gifs Like A Boss Gifs Like I Care Gifs Loss For Words Gifs Omg Gifs Romance Gifs Sad Gifs Sarcastic Gifs Scared Gifs Shut Up Gifs Skeptical Gifs Tell Me More Gifs Thank You Gifs This Is Gonna Be Good Gifs Tired Gifs Victory Gifs Wink Gifs WTF Gifs Or more specifically, when celebrities are trending. One person suggested audiences at home might not know why Washington is even at the Tonys. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. Images may subject to copyrights. Selling [AUTO-BUY/Bulk & single buys] Aged Twitter Account Shop! James Gandolfini! Embeth Davidtz!) With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Denzel Washington animated GIFs to your conversations. "Reportedly Denzel Washington's house is on fire, but he's ok," one fan tweeted. Okay, It's Time to Retire the Relieved Denzel Washington GIF Mychal Denzel Smith is a Knobler Fellow at The Nation Institute. Scroll through the comments of any sad bastard using the GIF and you’re bound to see similar outrage — and for good reasons. Not to say we should heed the advice of Twitter, but…, So, where do we go from here? Today’s Twitter-trending celeb is Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton, known for films like Annie Hall, Something’s Got To Give and The Godfather. 365.8k Followers, 14 Following, 143 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Denzel Washington (@officialdenzelwashingtton) Denzel W. Tinker Hamilton, age 73, of Warsaw, Missouri, passed away Friday afternoon, January 16, 2009, at his home. Selling @LNT. I'm going to need that--thanks in advance! If you don't find the meme you want, browse all the GIF Templates or upload and save your own animated template using the GIF Maker. Tap to play or pause GIF ... Twitter… However, you’ve probably seen the GIF that’s taken from the film: Denzel, sitting there contemplative, only to clutch his chest as he give us that Oscar-winning smile of his. "Reportedly Denzel Washington's house is on fire, but he's ok," one fan tweeted. She's a trained lawyer and opera singer as well as a mom and author. Perfect meme template for the moments when you're overwhelmed, stressed, or afraid, but then someone immediately assuages your fears. and moody, perfectly paced filmmaking. Our users spend a lot of time making these gifs. Or I need to stop getting my news from Denzel Washington reaction GIFs. You know how it goes: You log on. Buying twitter gif account. Eventually, like all things in life, it’ll just fall wayside, but until then, we can only click and shake our heads. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Denzel My Man animated GIFs to your conversations. Denzel Washington showed up at the Mayweather-Pacquiao looking a bit...different than the suave, dashing, debonair man we all know him to be. Not to get all Denzel GIF on you, but when I saw “Mel Brooks” trending on Twitter this morning, I feared the worst. Luckily, the judge ruled that Marissa Alexander will remain free on bond (Twitter user @AngieNixon live-tweeted the hearing). Everyone Wants to Know … Why Are You Dressed Like That? Donald Sutherland! When a prominent figure is trending on Twitter, there are generally very few reasons why. John Goodman. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Slack Said Nope to 2021 and Honestly? by jeffrey; 1 46 Tuesday at 3:34 AM. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. We just have to wait, see what happens. by cambano; 0 14 Monday at 10:11 PM. Put multiple gifs into an album. He grew up in Stockton, Missouri. If you post too often, you may get a temporary ban. Make your own images with our Meme Generator or Animated GIF Maker. May 17, 2015 - Denzel Washington, Training Day, silly memes The Sue Sylvester Meme Is Back and Better Than Ever. However, those films aren’t why she’s the talk of Twitter this morning. Denzel Washington. The film is modern noir in the vein of Se7en but with a twist that the supernatural and religious elements are far more real. —The Mary Sue has a strict comment policy that forbids, but is not limited to, personal insults toward anyone, hate speech, and trolling.—, Have a tip we should know? Any time a celebrity name trends, or even just a brand, there’s Denzel Washington, patting his heart in relief that they’re okay. Hell, it happened today with David Letterman…. Of course, we could also be proactive, toss up a GIF ourselves, and hope it catches on. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Donald Trump Has Left the White House! In truth, if you see a funny-ass new meme, slang, reaction GIF, or trend, the probability is high that it came from Black Twitter. Facebook Twitter Flipboard The “Relieved Denzel Washington Meme” has been used all over the internet, especially Twitter. Since then, though, the Denzel GIF has become so ubiquitous with trending celebrities that it’s nearly impossible to click on a name without seeing Denzel at the top doing his thing. Relieved Denzel Washington GIF Meme Maker In this GIF, Denzel Washington looks absolutely terrified, but then breathes a sigh of relief, smiles, and puts his hand on his chest when he realizes it will all be okay. ... (try "party parrot"). Life Is Good but It Can Be Better With These Maxwell Lord Memes. Odds are, though, you haven’t seen it. Fallen focuses on Detective John Hobbes, played by Washington, and starts with the execution of a serial killer that Hobbes caught after a long chase. It’s a fun, supernatural thriller out of 1998 that often makes the rounds every Fall season. Most of the time, you don’t even find out why they’re trending; you just see Denzel, sitting there, smiling with relief…, Granted, this isn’t a new practice. Easily add text to images or memes. Relieved Denzel Washington refers to an animated GIF featuring a scene from the 1998 action film Fallen in which the character John Hobbes (portrayed by Denzel Washington) puts his hands on his chest expressing concern before laughing in alleviation. Become a subscriber and support the site! Be nice to them. In fact, according to KnowYourMeme, the use of the GIF goes all the way back to 2014. Complaints about gif quality or meta gifs will be removed, and you may be banned as a result. GIF. Oh, you’ve probably seen it a lot these days, if only because it’s become Twitter’s de rigueur GIF for the feeling of relief. Here Are the Memes. It’s a moody, twisty, truly scary and surprising movie that didn’t deserve to be forgotten. These are trying times, we’re all on edge, and we just don’t need any more repetition in our lives. To show their relief, and honor the stars on their shared big day, fans used the same exact Relieved Denzel GIF over and over and over: Saw #StanLee trending. Rest assured, every time a celebrity trends, and it’s not because they’ve croaked, you’re getting Denzel. Even Elias Koteas makes a memorable appearance. We Made It.

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