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Infinite Grind Dial & Safety Interlocking Lid. Written By Mario F. It’s not often that an industry receives an unexpected surprise from an unexpected location, but the family run business at Niche certainly have a … It’s a product you will be proud to own. Not many people realise it, but truly fresh ground beans are essential for great coffee taste. The incredibly stylish and innovative Niche Zero retention coffee grinder is the perfect one stop solution for a variety of brewed coffee methods and set ups. Niche Zero grinder. Niche Zero Grinder. . Subscribe ; Visit Us. Current grinders are bulky, taking up way too much space and often not fitting under average cabinet heights (50cm). 7. Top. The only way to become a true home barista and make the best tasting coffee, every time. This is a 3d modelled leg for the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder. Contrarily to using low-budget coffee grinders, high-end Conical Burr Coffee Grinders allow coffee lovers to grind their favorite coffee beans to not only make a better flavored and much more fresher coffee, but also to make the whole experience of prepping you’re morning and/or afternoon coffee much more fun. pleasure to use. Niche Zero Specialty Coffee Grinder with NFC : Black . Hi everyone I've owned my niche zero for around 4 months now and have absolutely loved it! But they didn’t ship to Spore so I had to wait until I see the other local guys sells it, was tempted but then I see you sell it, that was the trigger point cos I believe Highlander gives good customer service and so a msg to you later and now I am a very happy Niche Zero Grinder user!!! V little retention now. But still you couldn’t recreate it? David is also a contributing writer fro Men’s Journal, GQ, Popular Mechanics, T3 Magazine and Electronic House here in the U.S. That includes Australia and New Zealand. No matter how great your coffee beans are, they’ll be mixing in with this unpleasant residue. Awesome service…And zero waste very important now hence the Niche Zero…Thanks again Phil…and Cedric too! Copyright © 2004 - 2020 Highlander Coffee Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. The Niche Zero had a lot of press when it came out, I heard a ton about it and have been searching for one to test for awhile. The Niche Zero Grinder is designed for single dosing. Greatly appreciate your dedication to your customers. Once payment has been made, please send us a notification email. That also ends up making the Niche Zero so much better than many other coffee grinders that are currently available on the market. … Lastly, this coffee grinder also features a total cord storage system within its base (found at the back of the unit), which helps to keep your kitchen counter super tidy so that you can have a clutter free space where you can prepare your coffee with ease. It’s a product you will be proud to own. Every café should have one.’, Very helpful staff and superb after sales support. We will respond with an email pdf invoice for your payment review. Same for the Niche grinder – wood trim, accurate shot dispensing and high esthetics. The straight grind path … Features a beautiful wooden finish on its trims, which are made of 100% genuine high-quality Oak Wood. Current grinders are bulky, taking up way too much space and often not fitting under average cabinet heights (50cm). Highlander Coffee. That’s something that will never happen thanks to Niche Zero’s clever “internal” design. 3. How is everyone who has received their Niche Zero finding the grinder. Then, all that’s left for you to do is to enjoy your delicious freshly ground coffee, either with a nice book or with some great company. This 63mm conical burr grinder has been a pro-sumer/shop favorite. The Niche Zero Grinder is is a premium-quality product built from the finest materials and to the highest standards. r/nichezero: Community for Niche Zero grinder. My wife and I are enjoying our morning cafe lattes even more now. Two home Espresso grinders that you should consider. December 29, 2020. This ultimately allows you to experiment with all coffee types and make literally any type of coffee you can think of, all the way “from an espresso right through to French press and beyond”. Most standard Conical Burr Coffee Grinders often feature a “not-so-clever” and somewhat “clunky” internal grind path design that ends up trapping large amounts of coffee in their grind chambers. Really interesting... David Schomer, the father of modern espresso, is using Niche Zeros retrofitted with hoppers for commercial use in his cafes in Seattle. Flicking it up allows you to have the unit working and grinding quietly (as mentioned before), while flicking it back down forces the unit to quickly stop grinding any more coffee beans. Not only that, but the Niche Zero features a unique grind path that was designed in a completely opposite way from what’s normally seen in standard Conical Burr Coffee Grinders. *Whatever you have read about the deliveries schedule by Niche UK is from their existing burr stocks shipped to WPM to assemble.*. In all other grinders, this residue of soured coffee grounds stays in the machine, tainting every subsequent batch of ground coffee. Firstly, that causes that initial ground coffee to go stale in a matter of seconds and then, it ultimately taints the next few batches of ground coffee with that same old trapped stale grind. Lastly, the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder features a Grind Speed of 1-2 gram/sec and a Dose Consistency of around +/- 0.2 g per serving. Niche Flow Control Disc. Martin recognizes the outdated technology in coffee grinders. The Niche Zero Grinder's classic design is complimented by an all metal body and solid, oak features. The small (40mm), clear disc made from food-grade polycarbonate perfectly fits into the bean funnel. These are made of a premium hardened steel alloy, making its Conical Burrs extremely durable, which also ends up ensuring a longer lifespan for the unit. Not only that, but this coffee grinder is also perfect for any coffee bean types and brewing methods, working flawlessly no matter how you decide to use it. All of the beans are ground and all of the ground coffee leaves the grinder. To use it, literally all you have to do is to add some water to its included re-usable (and washable) tray and then simply wait a few days for its non-GMO seeds to grow. Help our customers enjoy their coffee experience by sharing our know-how in coffee-making expertise. Our simple philosophy in distributing coffee machines and equipment are:-. The quality of the grinder is fantastic and the grind is super. Cool, quiet, calm grinding. With the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder not only can you easily find the brew that’s perfect for you, but also experiment as much as you please with an endless freedom. Bought on 2nd July from authorised seller Dankoff. Great service today – thank you. Best part, I used to use a commercial grinder which is huge, now with this, it free up so much counter top space for me!…Now its always clean and no wastage. To offer responsive and competent after-sales technical support. The staff from Hi, Thanks Phil and Cedric for solving my problem. The Niche Zero Grinder’s unique technology means that there’s virtually zero retained grind. Buy Niche Zero Grinder in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Our large industrial-grade burrs have been carefully selected to have twice the grind area of standard burrs. If you wish to experience the coffee machine or grinder in action before buying from us, CONTACT US to make an appointment. Reviews. ghlander not only came down to set it up, they also taught me and showed me how to pull a shot and do latte art on it. Those who are impatient might be turn off by its hand-cranked manual grinder. Update from WPM HK, the Niche Manufacturer 6 Jan 2021. “My Breville grinder is very quiet, and now I can grind my coffee beans as required for my morning coffee. This makes it easier for you to accurately control the variables and confidently brew like a barista. All this makes the Niche Zero simply the best Conical Burr Coffee Grinder ever made, as this ingenious coffee grinder was designed to give all coffee lovers the most pleasurable coffee-making experience possible. From your home espresso machine all the way up to a delicate Filter Brew. For the last 20 years, David Novak has appeared in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV around the world, reviewing the latest in consumer technology.His byline has appeared in Popular Science, PC Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Electronic House Magazine, GQ, Men’s Journal, National Geographic, Newsweek, Popular Mechanics, Forbes Technology, Readers Digest, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Magazine, T3 Technology Magazine, Stuff Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Wired Magazine, Laptop Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly, Indiana Business Journal, Better Homes and Garden, CNET, Engadget, InfoWorld, Information Week, Yahoo Technology and Mobile Magazine. The Niche Zero is the best Conical Burr Coffee Grinder currently available on the market, period. 6. All you have to do is select your grind setting, and then add the exact amount of weight/quantity of coffee beans that you think you’ll need. 9. Buy PEACE OF MIND with our 18 months Highlander Coffee’s carry-in warranty on workmanship and parts. He has also made radio appearances on the The Mark Levin Radio Show, The Laura Ingraham Talk Show, Bob & Tom Show, and the Paul Harvey RadioShow. Download, fill up this form in Acrobat Reader and click ‘Email’. Just turn the dial to an exact value and voilà. It’s a product you will be proud to own. This high-end coffee grinder also includes a Simple On/Off Switch (found at the top right of the machine, right at the side) that’s super easy to use. ... Thankfully a local coffee lover reached out and allowed me to borrow their beloved Niche Zero in exchange for my beloved Lux-D. That’s mainly because it integrates a ton of clever features that make its use both intuitive and flawless, which means that you can always get perfect and delicious ground coffee every single time. The Niche Zero falls squarely into the “pro-sumer” category (professional-consumer—get it?) Niche Zero . The Niche Zero Coffee Grinder has a price tag of £499 but given the calibre of coffee it is capable of producing, it represents an investment in your enjoyment of coffee in our opinion here at The Coolector. Thanks Phil for coming down personally with your grinder, set up and demo. Cool, quiet, calm grinding. The Niche Zero Grinder’s patented design gives you increased levels of control over the quantity, quality and freshness of your grind. The warm, rich aromas will make your mouth water, and you will know it started with the Niche Zero. The Bianca has innovation everywhere one looks – from the flat bottomed portafilter to the variable pressure head to the wood knobs and insulated steam tube. So, he set out to solve this problem, dedicating four years to designing and building the most advanced coffee grinder in existence. The Niche Zero Grinder is driven by a powerful DC motor and gearbox, ensuring optimum burr speeds and quiet operation. The Misa Social Robot is a unique next-generation Smart Home family robot that's designed to interact with humans, and mostly kids, proving to be functional enough to serve families both as a family member and a best friend for the children, thus offering parents the possibility of entertaining their kids in a fun, but still educational way. For any coffee enthusiasts that are tired of using and/or relying on old coffee grinding/grinder machines that use simple, unoriginal and mess-making designs just to make a batch of freshly ground coffee, there might be a much better way of making an even better-tasting cup of coffee without all those issues and headaches. Features a Retractable Cord & Convenient Cord Storage. See post directly linked by Niche Zero grinder. If you wish to experience the coffee machine or grinder in action before buying from us, FAST-TRACK PROFESSIONAL HANDS-ON BARISTA WORKSHOP, SKILLSFUTURE PROFESSIONAL BARISTA WORKSHOP, Download, fill up this form in Acrobat Reader. It is really good and the look is nice too!…Like the stainless steel cup very much……Yes I show the photos to my sister yesterday, then last night called to say she is interested and wanted me me to arrange for delivery ! ..Thank you once again for the help in time of need. To maintain essential and critical spare parts hardware inventory support. You then only have to weigh out the beans you need ground for your next recipe, confident that the grind will be as fresh as the beans you use. Can see why your customers remain loyal. It’s a good machine for switching beans easily, esp for decaf. But the slow-grinding method has its few advantages namely, it helps to retain the coffee’s aroma and flavour. Very insightful. However, it is a lot more than super cute… Crowd funded, built in England, and marketed in the US at, this little grinder is a dream come true. Furthermore, this Conical Burr Coffee Grinder machine also features a beautiful wooden finish on its trims (and feet/base) that are composed of 100% genuine high-quality Oak Wood, which, as the company proudly claims, ultimately gives the unit a “look of timeless quality”, fully completing the Niche Zero’s gorgeous aluminum and wooden stylish aesthetics. The Niche Zero Grinder is is a premium-quality product built from the finest materials and to the highest standards. Although we love the performance of the Niche Coffee Grinder, a few months ago we decided to make a small upgrade.The Niche Flow Control Disc is a simple after-market installation to the first generation of Niche Zero Grinders, which aims to improve grind consistency.. I mean if you're planning to spend $5000 total on espresso equipment, and like single dosing, then yes I would spend the extra $300 for a Niche. But I do like the Mignon overall, it will replace my hand grinder at work when the Niche comes. The Niche Zero Grinder’s burrs deliver outstanding quality whilst leaving your grind unburnt and tasting great. What motor does the Niche Zero Grinder use? The staff has immediately dubbed this little grinder “The Droid”. 8. He’s also made TV appearances on The Today Show and The CBS Morning Show.His nationally syndicated newspaper column called the GadgetGUY, appears in over 100 newspapers around the world each week, where Novak enjoys over 3 million in readership. Then the volatile oils and aromatics quickly turn stale and bitter. Does the Niche Zero Grinder have a hopper? So good, so happy…Thanks Phil for such a great buy, truely enjoying every moment with the grinder! (4.1 kg). We have designed it with no hopper so you can keep your beans fresh in their bag. It offers professional-quality grinding at consumer prices (early bird items are selling for £350 on Indiegogo).It boasts almost zero retention, high-quality burrs, durability, and ease of use. The Gantri Encore Table Light is a sleek, minimalist and ultra-modern smooth dimming lamp that's extremely energy efficient, and can also have both its light color and dimming easily adjusted to your preference. This is how you win customers. Accessibility is key for quick and efficient grinding. That’s none other than using (and probably investing in) a new coffee grinder. The Niche Zero is a high-end Conical Burr Coffee Grinder that features a Silent Motor, a Safety Interlocking Lid, professional 63mm Conical Burrs, a Direct Grind Path to its steel cup, an Infinite Grind Dial, a simple On/Off switch, and a retractable cord with a convenient storage space. An important step with any burr grinder is calibration. But not the Niche Zero Grinder – designed with innovative cord storage in the base and no hopper. A couple points, the shifting grind setting is to be expected. The Niche Zero is basically a somewhat compact, yet super sturdy “barista-quality” Conical Burr Coffee Grinder that measures 8.30 inches long by 4.80 inches wide by 12.24 inches tall (211 x 122 x 311 mm), weighing exactly 9 lbs. Comes integrated with an easy-to-use and easy-to-adjust Infinite Grind Dial and with a Safety Interlocking Lid. Accessibility is key for quick and efficient grinding. David Novak is an internationally syndicated columnist, technical writer and expert in consumer electronics. Ensuring your grinder is always calibrated helps to make sure the settings you are seeing on the grind size indicator align with where the grinder’s settings are really at. Weighed before and after is either 0.01 or 0.02 diff…Wow! The Niche Zero Coffee Grinder is driven by a powerful, yet super-silent DC motor and gearbox, which not only work together to ensure that you always get an optimal burr speed, but also ensures that the unit has a super quiet operation. I clean it once a week and at the end of each week there is around 0.5/0.8g of coffee residue left inside the grinder. Once ground, the powder stays fresh not for hours, but minutes. That same internal direct grind path not only ensures that you always get a delicious coffee flavor from any of your favorite types of coffee beans, but also allows you to easily change from one type to another, always without ever purging and wasting your beans, even if you decide to change between types of coffee beans at a daily basis. You get all the taste and quality of the beans you’ve paid for. Quality never goes out of style. While its Medical-Grade HEPA Filter can accurately filter, capture and remove up to 99.97% of sub-micron particles from the air that are as small as up to 0.3 microns with a 99.99% efficiency, the system's built-in UVC lamps work in combination with its HEPA Filter by continuously shining a powerful ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVC Light) on any of the airborne organisms that are collected by its HEPA Filter to effectively kill and destroy those same captured airborne particles. The Niche Zero Grinder’s classic design is complimented by an all metal body and solid, oak features. ‘A revolution in home grinding.’ ‘The grind quality is so good and the dosing is so accurate…’, ‘It’s a work horse, its quiet, does not take up much space and looks amazing too! That’s what makes the Niche Zero Grinder different, better and the best thing to happen to coffee for years. Situation: WPM as a manufacturer has all the parts to produce a Niche grinder except for a shortfall of the Mazzer 63 mm Kony burrs. You used all the brewing methods, you tried all the other coffee shops and you tried everything you can think of. Features a direct grind path for virtually no retained grind (ground coffee) whatsoever. The Niche Zero Grinder’s classic design is complimented by an all metal body and solid, oak features. and works better than any other grinder in this category that I have ever used. The Niche Zero’s ultra-durable, sleek and quite sturdy body is mainly composed of high-quality aluminum. You guys are definitely very good and sincere businessmen who knows their stuff. If you’re interested in getting it, all you have to do to “pre-order” and guarantee your Niche Zero unit is to support Niche‘s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign with a minimum pledge $616, no matter what color model you decide to go with. This brings us to the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder. Niche Home Coffee Grinders. Andrew Pautler . Retractable Cord & Convenient Cord Storage. Nice having no wastage and being able to pick a different bean to grind if I want. Nothing like a good grind to start the day. The Niche Zero Grinder’s professional 63mm conical burrs are infinitely adjustable, offering you a range of grind sizes. Beneficiary: HIGHLANDER COFFEE PTE LTD UEN: 200407537NHCP Account No: 308-300-7034. Azlan & Jefrey were excellent – the machine is working beautifully again ….Thank you and please pass on our thanks to your guys. The Niche Zero is a compact and very solidly built grinder. beer&mathematics #14: Post by beer&mathematics » January 15th, 2021, 7:03 pm. RRP $1399 Save $20 Was $1399 Your Price $1379 . It offers coffee lovers a super simple way (probably the simplest when compared to other coffee grinders out there) to get freshly ground barista-quality coffee every time you use it. It offers coffee lovers a super simple way (probably the simplest when compared to other coffee grinders out there) to get freshly ground barista-quality coffee every time you use it. Koble Juno Desk – Smart Height Adjustable Desk, Post Pandemic Meltdown: Online Gamified Dieting Success Rates, Sign-ups Surge Amid…, Apple Watch Pandora App now supports Siri w/ convenient Voice Commands, Website Helping TV Personality Melissa Rycroft Amid Health ‘Reality’, Hamama Grow Kit – Fail-Proof Indoors Microgreens Growing Kit, Misa Social Robot – Next-Generation Multi-Function Family Robot, EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model – Mobile Air Purifier System with UV Light, Gantri Encore Table Light – Ultra-Modern Smooth Diming Table Lamp, Ampere Side Pocket Fanny Pack – Qi-Wireless Charging Fanny Pack w/ RFID sleeve, Flare Audio Calmer Earbuds & Isolate 2 Ear Protectors – Reduce Distortion & Stress, All You Need to Know About Playing Texas Hold’Em Online, Digging on Deep Data: A Real-World Global Treasure Hunt, Twitter Suspends 70 Million Fake Accounts, DriveNTalk KlaT 7 is another mobile device. Furthermore, thanks to the unit’s integrated Safety Interlocking Lid no accidents can ever happen, as every single time the unit is working, its lid simply won’t open up, which ultimately prevents both kitchen messes and “electronic-disasters”(accidentally dropping a hard kitchen utensil inside the unit while its working, for example). The Niche Zero is a creation of Martin Nicholson, a design aficionado with a passion for great coffee. Nov 26. And you can’t get truly fresh ground coffee without a great grinder like the Niche Zero. Always get the exact same weight of coffee grind from your initial amount of coffee beans. Niche Zero is a new coffee grinder that’s designed to disrupt the prosumer market – and it may well succeed. Accessibility is key for quick and efficient grinding. Lets start something thats not about, when is my grinder coming, interesting as it might be. Our optimised grind thread gives you total control over your grind size, making all your coffee brewing a truly bespoke and personal experience. And it sells at a very affordable price. The Niche Zero’s straight grind path goes directly into the unit’s included stainless steel grind cup, making it perfect for weighing out your coffee beans and then easily transferring your grind to any portafilter (from any coffee machine you might have at home). The Niche Zero Grinder’s burrs deliver outstanding quality whilst leaving your grind unburnt and tasting great. The Niche Zero Grinder is is a premium-quality product built from the finest materials and to the highest standards. Loving the new toy. At the same time, the system's patented Earth Mineral Technology works to attack any surrounding VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are present in the air, which then allows the system to break those down to a compound level. Pairs really well with my LMLM. After that, simply close the lid, hit the unit’s Simple On/Off Switch and have your favorite coffee beans transformed into a fine grind, all at the blink of an eye. Learn More. Niche Zero is a classic design that is complete by an all-metal body and solid. Additionally, these professional 63mm conical burrs are also infinitely adjustable, which ultimately offers you a wide range of grind sizes. BeYou Transforming Chair – Change The Way How You Sit, Forever! Do you remember the time when you went into that new coffee shop and you tried that coffee and it tasted like nothing you had ever had before? Trustpilot. Love it. The Niche Zero’s grind dial is light to operate and infinitely adjustable, giving you full grind range from espresso to French press. Anyone can still choose to buy directly from UK but technically there won’t be repair and parts support should they be defective. The new amazing coffee grinder introduced for you people. Starting with its Conical Burrs, the Niche Zero comes equipped with professional 63mm Conical Burrs (which are normally only found in commercial, high-end grinders). Perfect! Whether or not the price difference is worth it is a really hard question. 1. The Niche Zero’s clean path design gives you only the freshest grind every time, meaning you can have that fresh ground coffee shop experience in your kitchen or living room whenever you want it. Remember to always weigh out your coffee beans before prepping your batch of ground coffee. Burrs are the machine parts that do the grinding. His column appears in over 120 newspapers around the country, and his website and byline appear all over the world including such publications as Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Men's Health and GQ Magazine. Happy days. Let’s have a detailed look at the Niche Zero and check just what makes this Conical Burr Coffee Grinder the best one ever made. Purchase includes free delivery, set-up and training within mainland Singapore. Using the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder to prepare freshly ground coffee is also quite simple and super easy. While most options on the market could initially make it hard for you to choose what would be the best Conical Burr Coffee Grinder machine to go with, the Niche Zero simply stands out from the competition, as it can easily overcome any other Coffee Grinders that are currently available on the market.

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