konahrik light armor

- Unique Dragon Priest Gauntlets and Boots now are cursed and have unique enchantments. Padded: Padded Armor consists of quilted layers of cloth and batting. The display can take both the original and the replica. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Dwarven armor + Konahrik = like a boss. The armor rating and weight of the light and heavy armor versions are the same, which is very unusual. Bromjunaar Sanctuary in Labyrinthian, the Heavy Armor version will appear after placing the eight other Dragon Priest masks in their slots on the dragon priest shrine. Rings and amulets should be used for other magicka and health buffs. Shields are an entirely optional choice, and only suited to one-handed combatants, particularly those with Light Armor sets, or high-difficulty playthroughs. Deathbrand armor, despite being a light armor, is arguably the best in the game, especially if players lack max-level Enchanting or Smithing. Konahrik: Location: Labyrinthian, Hjaalmarch; Description: While picking up the Mask of Morokei, you’ll enter Labyrinthian and see the circular pedestal with the Wooden Mask. Mask Stats: Light Armor, Armor 5, Weight 4, Value 637, and your Magicka regenerates 100% faster. - Konahrik's robes, gauntlets, and boots have new enchantments - Crafted armor is now tiered - Glass Armor has a new Texture - Mask hoods and armored robes have a new model to fit the robes better MAGIC The best Shields in Skyrim. I just couldnt find a use for them. level 2. In most cases, the wearer and nearby allies will receive a large amount of healing while enemies are damaged by a Flame Cloak. This light armor set offers some of the best stat boosts in Skyrim and looks cool and spooky to boot. ". Has the highest base armor rating of all the masks Konahrik's Privilege hs a variety of special effects when the wearer's health drops below 15%. This skin-tight stealth suit is perfect for any heist. In comparison, the lowest leveled heavy armor version is on par with a Daedric Helmet 's armor rating, while the lowest leveled light armor version's armor rating exceeds by far even a Dragonscale Helmet , which has an armor rating of 17. Name: Konahrik Race: Nord Class/Archtype: Dragon Priest ... Other apparel is optional, be it enchanted light armor (you can find dragonscale armor when you reach a high enough level) or robes (archmage robes also do well for this build). Light Armor Made from supple and thin materials, Light Armor favors agile adventurers since it offers some Protection without sacrificing mobility. DrFromage. It had light armor level ratings but all the heavy armor penalties. With Konahrik's Accoutrements SE installed, a Light Armor version is available, and the Light and Heavy Armor version can be swapped at the Dragon Forge in Revakheim. If you wear Light Armor, you add your Dexterity modifier to the base number from your armor type to determine your Armor Class. ARMOR - Recalculated all armor stats.

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