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Learning Action 2 provides information on the Sustainable Development Goals, and critical issues that the SDGs are responding to in southern Africa. Teacher Resources. Explore everyday decisions we face. Animals in the City Let us count the ways…it might surprise you. It provides guidance for reviewing local sustainable development issues in order to inform relevant teacher education responses. Use this multi-day unit to begin unraveling sustainability issues and create actions steps to a better future. It offers guidance on horizontal, vertical and functional scaling approaches. ESD empowers everyone to make … Most faculty members simply revise existing assignments or lesson plans to incorporate a sustainability component. How does it relate to our human needs? For those new to incorporating sustainability into your teaching, start with the beginner's toolkit. Downloads Saved resources Author dashboard Add resource My shop Tes Elements Courses Access courses News Magazine Subscriptions Payments About us My products Tes for schools Work for Tes. Become a Sustainability and Environmental Education member and make change happen! Keywords: water systems, natural resources, waste, Resources: The effect of pollution and urban living on citizens’ health. Resource Overview. Use these lessons on various topics to promote critical debate skills among students considering the three pillars of sustainability (environment, society, economy). SEMO’s mission is to initiate, promote, coordinate, evaluate, and encourage environmental management and sustainability initiatives that improve … Teaching Resources for Faculty There are many exciting ways to incorporate the study of sustainability into the curriculum. How does a chicken nugget impact our environment, our society and our economy? Showing 1 - 200 of 1,942 resources. Learning for sustainability (LfS) is an approach to life and learning which enables learners, educators, schools and their wider communities to build a socially-just, sustainable and equitable society. Could it improve our environment, our society and our economy? The CAP –ESD Brochure can be shared with others to inform them of the initiative. In 2015, independent researchers asked teachers to rank the best education for sustainability sites which they use and would recommend to colleagues. Lesson plan Here is a summary of the list with further additions that we find useful. £1.50. Municipal Solid Waste There is a wide array of subjects that teachers could explore to show the importance of sustainability, such as: Urban development and its impact on air quality and the environment. Are we helpless to this environmental force? Students will be able to see the … This lesson focuses on Phoenix, but can be used as a prompt for research into local public transportation options. Chat stations Slides Its aims form one of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goal on education SDG 4.7 and it is considered a driver for the achievements of all 17 SDGs. Grades: 4-8 Spring 2021 update | FAQ page  |  Class flexibility for students  |  Novel coronavirus updates. Use this lesson to help students understand their ecological footprint and how we can change our impact. Weird Foods, What is sustainability? CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE SUBJECT OUTLINE FOR ARTS & TRADES * Please note that anything with an asterisk is just a suggestion. Use these mini-activities to jumpstart critical thinking for sustainability. Use these prompts to spark creative presentations about relevant sustainability issues. The resources provided here are part of the broader suite of resources and support that teachers receive when participating in the National Sustainability Teachers’ Academy. The SAEA Teaching Resources Library contains; syllabi, degree program documentation, lab and field exercises, photos, videos, and assignments. Home > Sustainability Education and News — Resources Sustainability Education and News — Resources Gain Knowledge Quickly as You Access Our Newsletters, Tutorials, Webinars, Videos, White Papers, Presentations and Case Studies, Life Cycle Assessment, and Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) Resources. To what extent is sustainability education already implemented in the curriculum of your university? Slides This K-12 sustainability education program empowers children to take small steps that can have a big collective impact on our environment, our economy, and our societies. In the Grade 7: Natural Resources around the World - Use and Sustainability unit, students will study the extraction and harvesting and use of natural resources on a global scale. Slides, Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions, Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership, Global Sustainability Studies Scholarships, Life Cycle Analysis of Electronic Devices, Supplemental slides – Empathy Building 101, Sustainability In Science and Technology Museums. Lesson Plans Using system diagrams, explore a chicken nugget as the window to our food systems web. Sustainability Teacher Resources. Resources: Keywords: environmental racism, equity, path dependence, urban planning, Resources: There is also pedagogical information for designing sustainability assignments. The diversity of options with asterisks are interchangeable and purposed to stimulate your own ideas. Slides Lesson Plan Work together to create a sustainable solution. Grades: 5-10 Keywords: food systems, global sustainability, policy, entomology, Resources: Sustainability Haiku Lesson Plan Teaching Resources from the Center for Sustainable Systems. Workshop Lesson Plan Our lessons are applicable for grades 6-9 with variations presented that will enable you to tailor the activity for a younger or older audience. Should the city expand public transportation? Lesson Plan Scientists around the world are using Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) to determine the true impact of our products. Students are asked to examine the relationship between the Earth’s physical features and … The Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme has a number of resources that can be used by teacher educators and policy makers. Triangle Graphs. Student Questionnaire. Lesson plan Neighborhood Promotion – Midtown Phoenix Think Sustainability. Explore the latest scientific research on the global impact on our environment, society and economy through this two-day activity. Fact sheet, Can we improve a whole community by improving a vacant lot? Analyze issues related to public spaces, understand how local stakeholders are affected and propose possible solutions for a sustainable community space. Sustainability is an interdisciplinary topic, hence our lessons can be used across all class subjects. The Sustainability Teachers’ Academy team is committed to creating and providing curricular resources that span a diverse range of topics—including food systems sustainability, quality of life and well-being, decision-making for sustainability, and much more. A sustainability strategy involves not only identifying new resources, but also maintaining program goals, principles, and activities. Begin the lesson by teaching about Earth Day and sustainable practices. All Rights Reserved | Design by Flo Creative | Website by, Visit the new Sustainability Starts with Teachers Course, Education for Sustainable Development Goals – Learning Objectives. Grades: 7-12 Explore this systemic issue and identify ways to make a difference. Slides Supplemental slides – Empathy Building 101 Graph paper, How destructive can one insect be? Keywords: food systems, agriculture, waste, Resources:Lesson plan Learning Action 3 provides guidance on transformative learning and transformative learning environments. Bananas Worksheets. Use these data-informed fiction prompts to promote creative science writing. Chat stations worksheet, The problems we face are a new class of problems: wicked problems. Lesson Plan Slides The mission of CELF is to establish sustainability as an integral part of every child’s K-12 learning experience. Twitter: @unescoROSA This resource bank has been designed for educators, education planners and practitioners and complements the UNESCO guidance document – Education for Sustainable Development Goals – Learning Objectives. It provides teachers access to lesson plans, curriculum units and other teaching resources that integrate environmental, social and economic spheres through that combines interdisciplinary and action-oriented approaches. Data tables Some sustainability research topics on education for sustainable development: What are the strengths and weaknesses of different definitions of sustainability education? Slides Learning Action 4 provides guidance on how to design and try out assessment of significant learning in ESD. Lesson Plan Should we limit visitation to our National Parks? Grades: 7-12 Lesson plan This resource bank has been designed for educators, education planners and practitioners and complements the UNESCO guidance document – Education for Sustainable Development Goals – Learning Objectives. Sustainability boils down to using resources wisely to ensure the ongoing capacity to maintain life and provide for future generations. SEEd membership offers individuals and organisations a host of benefits including; access to resources, up to date information, discussion groups, professional development, and research. Diagram Slides Cultivating the Food Desert The Change Project Guidelines provide guidance on how to plan an ESD Teacher Education Change Project, The Introduction and Orientation Text provides orientation to the SST Training of Trainers programme, Learning Action 1 provides orientation on how to undertake an ESD Policy, Context and Competences Review (Part 1 of the Change Project). Use your oldest data collection tool to understand the roots of science and sustainability. Use this lesson to help students define and understand sustainability. With Open P-TECH’s sustainability resources, you’ll be ready to lead productive discussions on understanding the complexity of environmental change, learning from biomimicry to address real-world problems, and planning sustainable supply chains, energy, and waste operations. Students take and share photos to discuss their own experiences of sustainability in their community. Neighborhood Promotion – Downtown Tempe Use these lessons to begin exploring the life cycle of everyday products and their influence on our environment, society and economy. These sustainability teaching resources provide a good introduction into the topics of green campuses and sustainable universities: Sustainable development and universities: The Flemish government commissioned a concise introduction about the fundamentals of what sustainable development means in the context of universities, education and research (38 pages). Sustainable teaching puts educators first with the goal of creating a collaborative community that values an integrated approach to education and enables all participants to thrive. Lesson Plan Use the posters as a reminder to your students about how they can implement sustainable practices in the classroom and at home. Narratives By providing engaging content and hands-on activities, and leading through example, teachers can empower learners to take an active role in the sustainability movement. Causes-effects worksheet Electronic Waste Student Cards Loading... Save for later. An effective whole school and community approach to LfS weaves together global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create coherent, rewarding and transformative learning experiences. Grades: 9-12 ; AASHE Campus Sustainability … Can we use LCAs to help us to make more sustainable decisions? Our lessons are applicable for grades 6-9 with variations presented that will enable you to tailor … Grades: 9-12 Lesson plan Our Food Systems Exit Ticket, Resources: Grades: 7-10 Sustainability and Environmental Management Office: The SustainVU website offers an invaluable resource for instructors who want to familiarize themselves with the sustainability landscape at Vanderbilt. Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL) focuses on resources for teaching sustainability from interdisciplinary and disciplinary perspectives. One was to check previous learning, one to assess learning on ways to protect the environment, and one was a plenary for learners to label … In Geography A collection of primary teaching resources to use when learning about sustainability. This suite of lessons looks at the environmental threats to our planet & provides plenty of involving interactive tasks to help children understand how they can live more sustainable lives. Is there a relationship between sustainability and happiness? Worksheet Use various global trends and graphs to explore our current epoch: the anthropocene. They are be used for: Professional development to increase teachers eco-literacy and confidence Slides Narration Sustainable teaching is the process of fostering self-compassion and renewal in educators who support the growth and development of students in turn. Food Desert Solution Narratives, Using an online tool, explore how the history of our neighborhoods are part of a larger system of oppression, socio-economically and environmentally. Image cards Then, split the class up, providing recycled or reused materials, or materials... Get Free Access See Review. All resources are … Slides Keywords: creative writing, climate change, data, Resources: Research worksheet Resources: All Resource … Any one of these suggestions could be replaced with a written paper, any form of art project (drawing, painting, music, paper mache, clay, wood, knitting/e… Select a Topic. Exit Ticket. So where can you start? There are many thousands of resources out there for teaching and learning about sustainability education. Story Preambles Resources include posters, worksheets, comprehension pieces and lesson plans. Our community of practice is dedicated to providing access to materials that our peers in sustainability education can utilise. Find Sustainability lesson plans and worksheets. Keywords: problem-solving, unintended consequences, food systems, Resources: It offers hundreds of pedagogical ideas for classroom activities and multimedia resources detailing how best to integrate ESD into teaching and learning, from early … What is our impact on the planet? Lesson Plan Lesson Plan Competencies worksheet, ‘Food desert’ is a term for urban areas where it is difficult to buy fresh, healthy food. Images for LCA All Resource Topics; Teaching Sustainability ; Teaching Social Justice ; Teaching Respect & Empathy ; Select Resource Type: All Resource Types; Student Writing Lessons ; Visual Learning Lessons ; Tough Topics Discussion Guides ; Showing 339 results . Grades: 2-12 Learning Action 5 offers guidance on Monitoring and Evaluation of Change Projects, and how to identify those elements of the Change Project that are worth scaling. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The Sustainability Starts with Teachers Programme is implemented in partnership with Rhodes University’s Environmental Learning Research Centre. With support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Resources: Teachers can facilitate important outcomes for students, schools, and communities by promoting sustainability and environmental learning. Lesson plan To make this transition easy for teachers, we have created a series of video resources that provide support, information and inspiration around a range of sustainability topics. The Sustainability Teachers’ Academy team is committed to creating and providing curricular resources that span a diverse range of topics—including food systems sustainability, quality of life and well-being, decision-making for sustainability, and much more. Click on any SDG and it will take you to the relevant resource page, Web: These can be downloaded and used by student teachers who are planning ESD teaching practices. The management of energy supplies, and sustainable energy systems. Grades: 9-10 9 Items in Collection. Keywords: urban planning, public transportation, How is our current use of our shared natural areas affecting the land? In collaboration with the Southern African Regional Universities Association and the Swedish International Centre for Education for Sustainable Development. The lesson plans are written to accompany a PowerPoint presentation, which is filled with brilliant visual resources to facilitate learning and inspire pupils' interest. Which definition could your university adopt? Some faculty members invent new courses on the role of sustainability in their disciplines. Slides These worksheets were designed to accompany a very basic lesson on sustainability. KS4 Lesson covers the concept of carbon footprints, sustainable cities and sustainable houses (ecohomes) with students having to design their own eco home All lesson resources contained within the ppt Grades: 11-12 Exploring food waste, plastic waste and fashion waste, War on Waste is a fantastic current resource for exploring sustainability issues with older students. Magazine’s Teaching Sustainability section includes resources on how to build a robust economy, healthy planet and just world for all. What does a sustainable neighborhood look like to you? The Sustainability Starts with Teachers Course Materials can also be downloaded for reference and for use by southern African teacher educators who want to orient themselves to the Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme. Keywords: food systems, sustainable agriculture, disturbances, Resources: Search below for teaching materials by academic level, discipline and sustainability issue. The library will also serves as a repository for SAEA conference proceedings. Data Visualization Prompts, Discover and reflect on how your identity and location are intertwined. Sustainability is an ongoing process enabling providers to ensure that their reentry education continuum persists through changes in resources, staff, and other components. Keywords: decision making, human impact, Resources: Resources for Rethinking is a project developed by Learning for a Sustainable Future. Connecting teachers with free learning resources and expert knowledge to inspire children about sustainability through National Curriculum learning Map prompts, How do we build a more equitable city? LfS is an entitlement for all learners within C… How does our food decisions impact the lives of people and the planet? The answers might surprise you. It offers tools and approaches for re-thinking teacher education and classroom pedagogy to address sustainability concerns. Keywords: sense of place, identity, sustainability, How do we make sustainable decisions? Food Waste Source Cards, How are we connected to our food? Yes! Keywords: tourism, conservation, sustainability. Slides Keywords: anthropocene, climate change, human impact, Resources: Visit the local waste treatment depot or recycling center. The World’s Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. × ... and other GEF resources. The e-learning library holds resources that can be used by student teachers and teachers to teach ESD in Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Schooling and TVET Education. Keywords: sustainability introduction, sustainability competencies, sustainable development goals, wicked problems, electronic waste, Resources: Life Cycle Analysis of Electronic Devices Resources: Keywords: stakeholder engagement, socio-economic sustainability, community development, Resources: Keywords: community development, photography, Where does data come from? If the World Were 100 People Sustainability in the News Email: or

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