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Let’s compare, shall we? Stories have surfaced of the Springfield residents of today existing as lumberjacks in the 19th century and pilgrims in the 17th century. Like why Hans Moleman dies, but shows up for more episodes. It’s the same pack that he later shares with “Bill.” McClane tells Powell that the terrorists are likely European, based on their clothing labels and... cigarettes. 10. Prime example among these occurrences is the visit of a local known as Lisa Simpson in Washington D.C. She was instrumental in helping then-president George Bush I – president from 1989 to 1993 – passing a law that expelled a corrupt congressman. His children have suddenly aged a year while the rest of the town didn’t age at all. Even though years had passed for Terwilliger, the Simpson family were the same age as when Terwilliger had last encountered them in their hometown. One commenter on this Reddit theory suggested: ‘They are a race of human-mole hybrids that live under Springfield. Again, these internal fluxes are not noticed by the local populace. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon – a Springfield shopkeeper – is the father of octuplets. He says it's not true, but what does he know about the Simpsons? The proper title is: "The Simpsons" ends with Bart creating "The Groenings." You don't just lie there and sleep. When asked to repeat their memories a few years later, they remembered the same period as taking place during the 1980s. Grandpa may be senile now but his flash backs show him doing a number of things that require a variety of skills such as being a fighter pilot and an accomplished pianist, that suggests that he has at least an above average intelligence. Similarly, outsiders do not even notice the catastrophic damage to the town. I really hate SCP. He has vague memories of being visited in the hospital, and even had a pic taken with his wife that looks as if he's awake. If she had an iphone, then like everybody I know with an iphone, she probably never shuts up about it. This show has been running since a very long time now and people still watch it. I'm getting messages about it making the news in Australia, Belgium, and other places. They buy an RV, drive into the wilderness, destroy the RV off a cliff, survive, Bart and Homer go into the wilderness, get washed over the side of a waterfall, survive, naked, Maggie gets adopted by a family of bears and Homer gets mistaken for Bigfoot.This is three years before his coma and is quite... lively. Matt Groening famously based "The Simpsons" on his real family, naming them all after his parents and sisters while naming his character (Bart) after an anagram for "brat." While some of these may be attributed to hearsay and rumours, the fact that the inhabitants of Springfield in these stories perfectly mirror people in the modern Springfield is intriguing. Death is still permanent. While Homer wouldn’t physically react, his mind processes that information and includes it in his dreams. I propose that Homer didn’t actually wake up from his coma. But I think you cherry-picked the before and after examples. Most popular among them is the claim that a local man named Homer Simpson once claimed or – given the town’s temporal instability – will claim that not even the Almighty could stop his ploughing business. I own every episode, and I rewatched the specific scene where God and Homer have the Meaning of Life discussion. I like this theory. This would imply that the town is a sentient and aware being, having some form of clairvoyance. This, by rights, should've been really unoriginal and uninspired, but the evidence is there, it all holds together superbly, and you presented it well. It's not perfect (it is a fan theory after all), but I think overall the point stands that the episodes after April 93 are generally less realistic. Another example deals with the visit of Springfield family Simpson to Italy. ( the episode they visited the Indian casino). A commonly held theory is that whatever causes the disregard for physics and time also affects the memory of the town’s inhabitants. While the characters’ ages don’t change, the events happening to the Simpsons definitely did. Well, frankly, it's easy. I expected an "Addendum" somewhere near the bottom. It's possible that it wasn't a true vision from God? There are also theories as to what this misdeed is. Springfield bends the limits of space and time. No citizen of Springfield ages and children repeat the same grade over and over again despite having graduated multiple times. This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work. So, yeah, they have a bag full of tricks. Not only did the Simpsons not notice this, Terwilliger did not either. Everyone knows that God is the only character in The Simpsons that has 5 fingers. Further observation will be necessary to determine whether Terwilliger will remain immortal outside Springfield’s town limits while his family ages. From that point onwards, Springfield appears continuously in the rest of the world’s linear history. Have you ever wondered why The Simpsons characters are yellow, I have a theory. Mr. Burns, a man who we know will exploit or kill for money, begins fracking.This is pretty simple and down to earth, particularly for later seasons, especially when compared to the previous example. On this day, the physics that do apply to Springfield are nullified. Ranker says that there's a fan theory that Homer is … Should that not occur, tests will be required to determine whether prolonged stay outside the town limits will undo what physicists refer to as “The Springfield Effect”. It suggests that there is a missing season… Plot Examples Before April 1993Bart cheats on an IQ testHomer tries to give up drinkingMarge considers cheating on HomerLisa has a crush on her teacher. Nice theory, I like it. On one occasion, the town of Springfield was placed under a glass dome. Season 1, Episode 7 was 'The Call of the Simpsons'. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The massive amounts of celebrity appearances are easily explained as well. These selective memories seem to be confirmed as locals, currently known as Marjorie “Marge” Simpson, née Bouvier, and Homer Jay Simpson have reported to remember their high-school time as taking place during the 1970s. Theories include that the traveller is drawn to the town, no matter where it is currently located. I specifically thought of that episode you mentioned along with Homer at the Bat as the more outlandish pre-coma plots. Homer: God, I gotta ask you something. And that Grandpa Abe’s time traveling interferes with history and causes plot holes. But there IS one hole. Most popular among them is the claim that a local man named Homer Simpson once claimed or – given the town’s temporal instability – will claim that not even the Almighty could stop his ploughing business. Great theory, the only thing that punches a whole in it is the adapting technology during the time. I never understood that site... anyone bother to ELI5 it to me, please? Do you think these Simpsons fan theories have any truth to them? Submit it to us here! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is unknown how this is possible. West Springfield has been reported to be three times the size of Texas. Claims that the glass dome arrested Springfield’s ability to bend time and space remain unproven. Or at least Homer’s life? Suddenly: His family visits and talk with each other about the new Mel Gibson movie they’re going to be seeing after leaving the hospital. While The Simpsons has seemingly forecasted many an event in the future, which we’ve mentioned quite a lot over the years, what about the wild fan theories within the show? Brilliant! One experiment – conducted by local scientist Professor John Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr., led to the entire town exploding. Also, a big fact: Lisa and Bart both have birthdays before said Coma. He was knocked into this coma in 1993, way before her meat suit came into his life. This is clearly Homer’s imagination running wild. Marge probably visits him and talks about her day. Some structures have spontaneously appeared for brief periods of time and then disappeared forever. Yet Lisa, perpetually being eight years old, is now chronologically too young to even be alive during Bush’s presidency. As for flat screen tv's, it looks like a tv which is flat compared to the old ones. My theory: the cigarette. Except they're the same age after said birthdays, even during those episodes. There are also theories as to what this misdeed is. It appeared to be unable to move away from the dome or escape it. Earlier in the film, McClane takes a pack of cigarettes from a dead terrorist. Whether or not he town of Springfield experienced history in the same linear fashion as the rest of the world did, is unknown at this point. Marge got Bart and Lisa a flat screen tv for christmas). There, they encountered Robert Underdunk Terwilliger Jr., colloquially known as Sideshow Bob, who had become the mayor of a small Italian town and had started a family. Yes, there were some wacky plots, but overall fairly mundane stuff. That 90’s Show contradicting other flashback episodes). Have you heard of the SCP Foundation? If there's one question that's always eluded diehard … Where something happens, and then they snap back into place. This would also lead to the conclusion that the townspeople manufacture false memories on a daily basis and would thus open the possibility that they have been alive for hundreds of years but have lost all knowledge of their immortality. EDIT: This got really big. This ‘Simpsons’ writer is fed up with ‘nefarious’ coronavirus conspiracy theories An old episode of “The Simpsons” has sparked discussion about whether it predicted the coronavirus. It instantly rebuilt itself and life within town limits continued as if nothing happened. The Simpsons episode was not the first and will certainly not be the last show to portray killer bees. And out of every scene that features God in the whole show, this is the ONLY one where God had 4 fingers. Both of these are sad. Press J to jump to the feed. Inhabitants have stated that their home borders on the states of Nevada, Maine and Kentucky. The city is also stuck in a time loop. Homer remembers Bart, Lisa, and Maggie as 10, 8, and 1 year old, so they will always appear that way in his dreams. This would imply that citizens of Springfield have more senses than other human beings, most notably a sixth sense that allows them to find their home. There is actually an IMDB listing of the “ Most Popular Killer Bee Movies and TV Shows .” This applies to Apu's children ageing, Skinner being an imposter yet in another episode it shows him in Agnes' womb during pregnancy, natural disasters, Moleman constantly dying, etc. The Characters From The Simpsons Suffer From Hepatitis. This would enforce the belief that the town itself is a sentient being. It is unknown what happened to travellers from Springfield during that time. Chief Wiggum and Ralph weren't initially … He is still in a vegetative state and every single Simpsons episode afterwards is in Homer’s imagination. The Simpsons is … I'm with /u/Catskills78. Eddie is Ralph's biological dad according to some Simpsons fans on Reddit (Credit: Fox) It is thought that Chief Wiggum's wife Sarah had a secret affair with Eddie, one that viewers have never seen on screen. The version below was written by Alexander Pan of WhatCulture. If it's the family members talking to him about it, then it seems that they are holding on to hope that homer will wake up out of the coma. Sometimes it shifts several times a day, other times it will remain in the same place for several weeks before suddenly moving. He is subconsciously aware of time passing, so his mind will often “update” his memories so that the year they occurred matches up with the age he thinks he is (eg. There are even reports that the town existed during the times of ancient Greece. The meaning of life is…. It apparently shifts location to anywhere in the lower forty-eight states. As evidenced by the screenshot that OP provided. Fan theories arise from the same sort of fervor, often even long after a given TV show has gone off the air. With no real world restrictions, Homer’s mind is able to dream up scenarios of him and his family in fantasies involving him winning a Grammy, his father fighting his boss for buried WW2 treasure, his wife getting breast implants, his infant daughter saving him from drowning, etc. It is also worth noticing that Terwilliger himself is a former resident of Springfield, which may account for his inability to notice these fluctuations. Whenever a citizen of Springfield leaves town, he or she is always able to find their home again. The Simpsons Movie. A future that is different in each telling. If Homer is in a coma then how come the events he deams up include new stuff such as internet based ideas, smartphones, etc. Homer Is Totally Aware Of His Animated Status. April 1993 (SIX MONTHS LATER): So It’s Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show airs and involves Bart’s April Fools prank inadvertently putting Homer into the hospital, where he is then crushed by a vending machine and put in a coma. The rudimentary knowledge of advancing technology is possible. My theory is that everyone in the Simpson family is a genius, Lisa is the only one who embraces it. And when carefully looked upon they bring up a joke about how Lisa’s tenure is being hampered by a budget crisis caused by President Trump. Opposites A-Frack. Ralph is Chief Wiggum's son in the hit … It must have been a ridiculous notion to watch in those times, when the story line had been created, and the idea of trump being the president must have ended up as a big gag for the audience. (Fox) For Homer, his grand purpose is obvious – he is here to entertain. One of the earliest and most prominent theories about The Simpsons kicks off the list in style by theorizing that Marge is actually the one who shot Mr. Burns. Welcome to /r/FanTheories! I am sooooo high. Since the residents of Springfield – affected by the Springfield Effect – never age, the question arises of how old the people inhabiting the town really are. Either a nurse leaves the tv on all day and I am sure all new tech is on the news (and usually described in detail) or Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are talking to homer about new technology (eg. The movement seems random. What's the meaning of life?God: Homer, I can't tell you that.Homer: C'mon!God: You'll find out when you die.Homer: I can't wait that long!God: You can't wait six months?Homer: No, tell me now!God: Well, ok. Going back to Homer’s conversation with God, what is the meaning of life? However, these disasters never seem to affect anyone living outside of Springfield. This disregard for all the natural laws of physics allows the town to be much bigger than the space it takes up. My point is this: based on Simpsons canon, Homer was not really talking to God, which could negate this entire theory. The writers call this 'flexible reality', or 'rubberband reality'. And that is amazing. There have been internal chronal fluctuations. The Simpsons raised the idea of a Trump presidency several times before he was president Working on the programme is like group therapy. Alternate claims are that the town shifts location to the place where the traveller has left the town when the traveller wants to return home. There is, however, one exception. Perhaps even more curious than the fact that time passes outside town as a logical progression from day to day and year to year, its residents acknowledge the passage of time without noticing any kind of anomaly. The Groenings will be animated really weird, though. That and how would he know how Lady Gaga looks now? This generally seems to be the case whenever catastrophic events occur, which they do with alarming regularity. The Simpsons conspiracy theories run the gamut, explaining the trap doors of character behavior and the running inconsistencies in the plot. This, however, did cause the town to cease to exist. Today I propose to you, Reddit, a modest fan theory that Moe always knew Bart was the mystery caller, but never showed it, instead deciding to play along to make Bart happy.

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