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The comprehensive network of Firms and Professionals offering Islamic Finance services covering Banking, Legal, Accountancy and Audit and many other sectors. Together with Terence Allen and Pankaj Gupta, Samson was among the team that started Allied Investment Partners PJSC in 2007, a UAE-based investment banking company and an associate of UNFC, under the leadership of leading UAE government officials and business people. LP Subscription Location: Venture Investment Deeply rooted in the GCC, our team draws experience working globally, with companies such as Gulf Finance House, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, TDIC, First Energy Bank, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, PCG Asset Management, or Allied Investment Partners. Type: December 2014: December 2014: Aseel Islamic Finance Service Concludes a Memorable Year with a Financing Round for Prysm, November 2014: Aseel Islamic Finance Service Explores Foray into Islamic Private Banking, October 2014: Aseel Islamic Finance Service Board Meeting Convened, June 2014: Aseel Islamic Finance Service Closes AED 62.6 million Financing of Staff Accommodation Facility in Dubai Investment Park. Status: Amount: United Arab Emirates US Focus Type: We set-off on an ambitious journey to become the pre-eminent Shari’ah-compliant investment organization, leveraging the unique competitive advantage of the UAE and the GCC to attract and secure capital, innovation and entrepreneurship. Status: We like to structure investments in a way that maximizes the downside protection and best aligns the incentives. Non-oil growth will expand as real estate and infrastructure spending continues to rise, and other sectors, like logistics and transportation, manufacturing, renewable energy, retail and trading, financial services, tourism and healthcare further develop across the region. $ 272 million, Asset Class: Silicon Valley, CA, USA Debt Type: $ 124 million Type: Sukuk We focus on the following infrastructure categories: transportation and logistics (roads, ports, and logistic hubs), conventional and reviewable energy (generation, transmission), touristic infrastructure, social infrastructure (schools, hospitals), water, sewage, cooling infrastructure. Global Islamic Financial Services - GIFS. Proposed investments are also tested for compliance with Islamic principles. Pankaj is a financial service professional with over 17 years of rich investment banking and asset management experience in the United Arab Emirates in various leadership roles. Status: India Location: Structured Note Further, we strive to incorporate return-enhancing, risk-reducing, incentive aligning features in our transaction structures. Acquisition Silicon Valley, CA, US Aseel Islamic Finance Service looks for original investment ideas, backed by strong management team, proven operating models and history. We look for ‘GCC-relevant’ investment opportunities, with a special emphasis on catering to the investment needs of our shareholders and investors. Under his visionary leadership, Aseel Islamic Finance Service has mobilized and deployed more than a billion dollars of capital since mid-2014. Acquisition Amount: During his time at AIP and UNFC, Pankaj was responsible, among other things, of the management of a $2.5 billion investment portfolio, in addition to a number of advisory mandates, which included well in excess of $4 billion in successful debt and equity syndication. Type: As summarised by S&P recently, there was a significant slowdown of core Islamic finance economies in … That can be the case in post-revenue, late stage venture transactions in companies which have the potential to rapidly reach on international scale. Closed, Asset Class: $ 148 million Direct Investment By 1995, 144 Islamic financial institutions had … Amount: Amount: Amount: These benefits provide a transparent, consumer friendly home financing option which is consistent … Location: In 2018, Islamic finance was estimated at nearly US $ 2400 million millions in assets and its growth in the next five years was reported to be twice as fast as that of conventional finance.Also, only 50% of the … Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GCC. Closed, Asset Class: Our lawyers have significant experience in acting for Islamic and conventional clients involved in the Islamic finance industry (including financial institutions, corporates, funds and government entities). Silicon Valley, CA, USA $ 3000 million, Asset Class: Open for Subscriptions, Asset Class: Real Estate Under his exemplary leadership, Aseel Islamic Finance Service has success developed a strong proprietary deal-flow across the globe and attracted a top-tier team with impeccable credentials and decades of financial services experience. Undisclosed. Location: Mr. Al-Mahmood holds an MA in Marketing practice from university of Bradford and a BA (hons) in business administration from university of Bradford, United Kingdom. Islamic finance is no different. Dubai Investment Park, UAE Venture Capital Amount: Prior to that, Samson served a total of 24 years at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, where he oversaw the back and middle office operations of the Treasury, Merchant banking, International Banking Operations and Capital Market Divisions of the Bank. He subsequently re-joined Lehman Brothers within Corporate Strategy in the UK, advising its European business heads on strategic initiatives. Prior to joining GII, Ahmed was a  Placement Manager, handling the geographies of Kuwait and Eastern province in Saudi Arabia. Status: We provide coherent, considered and commercially sound advice to our clients on the legal and regulatory aspects of Islamic finance transactions. Contemporary Islamic finance is based on a number of prohibitions that are not always illegal in the countries where Islamic financial institutions are operating: Location: He is also Ambassador & Strategic Advisor to Horasis (leading emerging market forum). $ 250 million, Asset Class: Dortmund, Germany Exited, Asset Class: Amount: The App contains different electronic services … Samson operated for nearly 7 years as Chief Financial Officer of AIP. Amount: United Arab Emirates After that Islamic financial services grew very fast not only Muslim countries but also in Non-Muslim countries. He started his career within M&A at Lehman Brothers in Germany and the UK, and later worked at telecom- and media-focused M&A boutique Goetzpartners in Germany. Open for Subscriptions, Asset Class: Type: Amount: $ 48 million Location: Location: Aseel Islamic Finance Service inherits the track record of Union National Financial Consultancy (renamed as GII) and Allied Investment Partners, two companies established over the past decade to manage and advise on the management of private assets of members of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. In addition he holds the Operation Certificate of the International Capital Market Association. Prior to joining GII, Mr. Al-Mahmood was the Regional Director - Investment Development and Distribution at Barwa Bank in Qatar, where he was responsible for managing the firm’s investment activities and relationships within the GCC and South East Asia. As the first finance company registered under the Central Bank of … We can also develop our own projects by leveraging our network of strategic partners and capital sources. We leverage our team’s extensive banking experience to structure and arrange Shari’ah-compliant debt finance, including acquisition finance, project finance, working capital finance and other term loans and corporate loans from our network of local a global lenders. Amount: We also can leverage our strategic relationships with some of the world’s largest developers to build large scale commercial and residential projects from the ground up. Infrastructure development underpins GDP growth across our target markets. AIFS sources opportunity to invest from an early stage in the company life cycle, in innovative projects and companies where technology has largely been de-risked or risk-reduced. Islamic funds are investment products (such as mutual funds and unit trusts) that are based on equities that are screened, or filtered, to ensure sharia compliance. Location: Mohammed Al-Hassan, Director and CO-CEO, and Pankaj Gupta, CO-CEO. Long term GDP growth in the GCC is expected to continue at robust rates, with a decreasing reliance on the oil sector. Before joining Barwa Bank, Mr. Khalid Al-Mahmood was the Senior Director and Country Manager of UAE, Oman and Asia within the Investment Advisory group at Abu Dhabi Investment house, where he was involved in sourcing, advising, structuring, raising capital and executing transactions in private equity, real estate and merger & acquisition. Acquisition In May 2014, our Board of Directors decided to focus our investment activity on Shari’ah-compliant investments only. GII has developed expertise and capabilities to source, assess, structure and certify investments for compliance with Islamic finance. $ 150 million Location: "Gulf Islamic Investment is an established company with more than a decade of operating history advising leading Middle Eastern and global investors across multiple assets classes. UAE Focused Type: Islamic finance strictly complies with Sharia law. Real Estate Samson is a financial professional with over 39 years of experience as an internal auditor and operations manager. Private Equity Location: Closed, Asset Class: Samson is a commerce graduate and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He comes with more than 20 years of professional experience under his belt, in the fields of Islamic investments and commercial banking. United Arab Emirates Venture Capital Dubai, United Arab Emirates His expertise includes drafting and reviewing Shari’ah contracts, including Morabaha, Modarabaha, Ijarah and Istisna’a agreements, structuring and reviewing investment opportunities to ensure Shari’ah compliance, disseminating and promoting the understanding of the Shari’ah investment rules by the broader investor community via publications, public speeches and conference attendance. His investment expertise spans across several verticals, including Private Equity, Venture Capital, Infrastructure and Real Estate. We allocate capital towards well-structured, duly researched and risk-mitigated investment opportunities with a view to achieve consistent and superior investor returns”. Note Also, we like to launch new ideas and projects from the ground-up (greenfield), when we have identified a compelling investment case, an arbitrage opportunity, a unique asset to be leveraged, a disruptive business model or a proven technology that is well suited and can be easily deployed in the markets we know. Prior to joining GII, Hamad was a part of the placement team in the Wealth Management department in Venture Capital Bank, where he was responsible for fund raise and investor relations within Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Location: Undisclosed We seek to reduce tenant risk by investing in single-tenant assets with low tenant turnover. The Aseel Islamic Finance Service executive team enjoys in excess of 230 years of collective experience in investments, strategic and operational management, finance and accounting. Type: Shari’ah-compliant investment is a time-tested and increasingly popular form of ethical investing. Type: Screening refers to the process of checking … Location: $ 20 million Location: Hamad Aljumairi has been a part of the Aseel Islamic Finance Service since March 2017. In 2002, the Malaysia-based Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) was established as an international standard-setting body for Islamic financial institutions. Closed, Asset Class: Amount: Our track record includes $2.5 billion of assets previously under management / advisory, $5.5 billion of debt syndicated and $1.0 billion of equity raised. Aseel Islamic Finance Service successfully closes financing round of an undisclosed amount for Prysm, Inc., a privately-held developer and manufacturer of video walls and collaboration solutions that are revolutionizing work flow and decision making for corporations, universities and governments around the globe. For two years, he was a Senior Investment Manager at State General Reserve Fund (SGRF), the main Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Sultanate of Oman, executing direct Private Equity co-investments in developed and emerging markets, with a focus on infrastructure and Latin America. With more than 30 years of experience in Islamic finance law, our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge across a range of Shariah-compliant structures, including market-leading experience in Sukuk … We start at $10 million, we don’t shy away from “large tickets”, and can execute transaction financings in record time. Location: Chelsea, London, UK $ 1000 million © 2021 DLA Piper. Status: Amount: He is an extremely well-networked individual with close ties to SWFs, banks & financial institutions, corporates, family offices, executive circles and VHNIs in the GCC region. Real Estate Type: Aseel Islamic Finance Service is committed to providing a diverse set of unique, duly researched, well-structured and risk-mitigated investment opportunities to its clients, with a view to achieve consistent and superior returns in the fields of private equity, venture capital, infrastructure and real estate. Aseel Islamic Finance Service is committed to providing a diverse set of unique, duly researched, well-structured and risk-mitigated investment opportunities to its clients, with a view to achieve consistent … We offer a compelling proposition to the Islamic Finance industry advising both Islamic and conventional financial institutions seeking to leverage our Islamic Finance expertise. Closed, Asset Class: Our site provides a full range of global and local information. Location: Aseel Islamic Finance Service has exceptional access to capital through its shareholders, strategic partners, clients and investors in the GCC and around the world. Some of these include Mudharabah (profit sharing), Wadiah (safekeeping), Musharakah (joint venture), Murabahah (cost plus finance), Ijar (leasing), Hawala (an international fund transfer system), Takaful (Islamic insurance), and Sukuk (Islamic bonds). The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) is an international standard-setting organisation that promotes and enhances the soundness and stability of the Islamic financial services industry by … He speaks German and English, as well as some French and Spanish. A German national, Jonas has lived in 8 countries, and travelled around 60. Dr Osama was also Librarian secretary of Ahmed Al-Fateh Islamic center library and officer at Ministry of Justice and Islamic affairs. Samson started his career in Bombay at the Union Bank of India, before transferring to the Union Bank of the Middle East and then on to National Bank of Abu Dhabi. Other roles and positions of Dr. Osama include Member of the Shari’ah supervisory Board of Global Banking Corporation, International Investment Bank, Shari’ah adviser for Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions, Bahrain Bourse, International Tharawat, Family Bank, Alizz bank, Allianz Global Investors, Allianz Takaful (Bahrain); Shari’ah adviser for Reef (Real Estate Finance), Chairman of the Shari’ah supervisory Board for CAPINNOVA investment bank. Exited, Asset Class: Service Ijara-Rent to Buy. Banking or banking activity that complies with sharia (Islamic law)—known as Islamic banking and finance, or shariah -compliant finance —has its own products, services and contracts that differ from conventional banking. We take a life cycle approach to our investments, by taking an active role from entry to exit, with a view to maximize the returns to our investors. Qatar Central Securities Depository announces that it has launched the Mobile App (iPhone and Android versions) for its customers that supports both Arabic and English languages. Undisclosed Mr. Mohammed Al-Hassan is the Co-founder, CEO-GCC and Executive Director of Aseel Islamic Finance Service (GII). Type: Throughout his carreer, Mr. Al-Mahmood has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for various investment opportunities. Type: Buyout Location: Real Estate Type: The FSA/IFSA incorporates … Closed, Asset Class: The Aseel Islamic Finance Service board of directors met on October 26 to review the Company’s financial performance and approve a number of strategic developments. We … Dr Osama brings several decades of experience in Islamic finance. Global Islamic Financial Services Firm is a leading global Shariah audit, advisory, tax, accounting, investment management and corporate finance firm with a strong Islamic finance … $ 20 million, Asset Class: United Arab Emirates Growth Capital All rights reserved. In addition to the Management discussion, the board members were introduced to the leadership of various Aseel Islamic Finance Service clients, who showcased presentations about their business and the nature of the proposed collaboration with GII. Islamic finance is one of financial services’ fastest developing sectors, growing at 10-12% annually in many Muslim countries. Our range of Alternate Financial Services and rewards are tailored to meet life's different needs and recognize what's important to you. Real Estate Private Equity Ahmed has more than 15 years of solid experience in the fields of Sales, Business development and Information Technology. Our founders were local merchants who believed that the community known then … Term Loan Together with Terence Allen, Pankaj was also instrumental in starting Union National Financial Consultancy in 2004, an investment advisory company (which changed its name to Aseel Islamic Finance Service in 2014) dedicated to assist prominent members of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family in managing their assets. Type: During the time, he was involved in raising capital for projects well in excess of $ 2 billion in private equity, infrastructure and real estate. Aseel Islamic Finance Service prides itself with providing its expertise throughout the investment life cycle, by proving ongoing support to companies in terms of strategic management, business and corporate development, public offering, etc. ... Islamic Home Finance • Credit Score … We favor sectors which are synergistic with the underlying growth trends in the GCC such as, industrial, manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, education, conventional and renewable energy, technology, tourism and financial services. New Jersey, USA Type: Select Category Banks Legal Finance … $ 144 million AIFS looks for unique opportunities across all segments of the private equity spectrum: expansion capital, buyout, turnaround, special situations. Islamic Finance (also referred to as interest free finance, ethical finance or participative finance) is a financial system that is guided by the principles of Islamic (Shari’ah) law. $ 32.5 million Amount: Mohammed has a Bachelors Degree in business administration from the American University of London. Owing to his long standing relationships and investment track record, he has become a trusted advisor to a wide category of investors. DLA Piper is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, positioning us to help clients with their legal needs around the world. Type: He has also been a board member of Energy City Mumbai and Al-Areen Holding. Debt June 2018: Aseel Islamic Finance Service Islamic REIT maintains the momentum, signs USD 52 mn deal in Dubai. Amount: Amount: The 6 countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council offer robust macro-economic fundamentals because of the region’s geostrategic location, its access to capital, affordable labor costs, business friendly environment, ambitious but sound government policies based an exceptionally strong public fiscal position and ongoing income from oil extraction, which is rapidly being converted into investment in a diversified economy. Senior Vice President, Investment Placement, Senior Vice President, Investment Placement, Pre Aseel Islamic Finance Service Transactions. $ 518 million, Asset Class: Asset Class: Location: Closed, Asset Class: United Arab Emirates

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