indoor vs indoors

Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Finally, consider your equipment as a possible cause. “Indoors.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Please add to your ad blocking whitelist or disable your adblocking software. Cost. Which is better, indoor cat food vs regular cat food? Indoor Vs. No winner and loser here, just facts. Don’t smoke indoors. September 18, ... Xenon Bulbs: used both indoors and outdoors (double check packaging for particular use) Metal Halide Light Bulbs: used indoors and outdoors; Contact Kirby Electric to Inspect Your Office Today. Quality. You say: indoor sports Don't say: indoors sports You say: I stayed indoors. … Growing indoors requires much more energy. For obvious reasons, there’s still a lot of underground folk wisdom circulating about cannabis cultivation. But indoor vs outdoor TT bike power is quite a bit more than that. Typically, they'll last for a much longer time too. Rock is a lot more abrasive than plastic, so climbing outdoors is harder on your hands. What is the difference between Indoor and Indoors? 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? Growing indoors requires much more energy. Nest Cam IQ vs Nest Cam Indoor: Conclusion. Photo courtesy of Martine van Boeijen. Share on Facebook. Carbon dioxide is essential for plants during photosynthesis, where they convert CO² into energy. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). To Bedard-Brunet, companies are ultimately better off sticking to indoors growing for the dried flower market due to its consistency and the fine-tuning that can be more easily achieved indoors. Indoor climbing is a more social activity and outdoor climbing is more solitary. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'? Sure, both indoor and outdoor spas are convenient, but a spa in your home means more than just taking a few extra steps to use it. Environmental Impacts. The indoor space can also be a great avenue for children to self-regulate, improve their language skills, pay attention to instructions and boost their social skills. Indoor growers can change the way their plants perceive the seasons just by manipulating the light spectrum and photoperiod. How Much of a Difference in Quality is Outdoor vs. Indoor Weed? These indoor bikes also require less upkeep and less free time, as well as not having many issues in general wear and tear damage. Send us feedback. Outdoorsy vs Indoorsy. Very Minimal and Small Devices. Jens (of this forum) made a 50lb flywheel for his computrainer back in the day that helped a lot with evening out his power indoors vs outdoors. I did a 40km ITT a few weeks ago and held an average of 290 Watts for 1:03hrs. In this modern era, it’s important to consider all available options for your location when designing a cannabis cultivation facility. Situated in, or designed to be used in, or carried on within the interior of a building. Indoor vs outdoor is not really relevant to the discussion. But in reality things aren’t that simple. Outdoor Weed Indoor weed vs. outdoor weed? On the other hand, there are fewer unexpected influences that can affect your plants indoors, especially compared to Mother Nature, so growing indoors is often more predictable. 'indoor' Indoor is an adjective used in front of a noun. Indoor play is not just sitting around staring at a screen. Indoor climbing focuses on strength, whereas outdoor climbing focuses on endurance. adv. Outdoor dried flowers vs. indoor dried flowers. From my understanding, "Bob stayed indoors" is a correct expression, while "Bob stayed indoor" is incorrect. The main thing to understand when it comes to indoor and outdoor […] Indoors, it is common for your displays to have interactive capabilities because, as we said, the user is on a more direct level indoors. Examples from the Corpus indoor • indoor lighting • Traditionally, markets were held outdoors , but many cities in Britain now have indoor markets. Pros of indoors. The main thing to understand when it comes to indoor and outdoor […] Spin bikes, like the cult-favorite Peloton, fall under the category of stationary … The virus does spread more easily indoors. Define indoors. The strictly indoor cat does not exercise as often and so can chunk up rather easily. : Indoor : (adjective) ( 1) Carried on or situated inside a building Used in or suitable for We have an indoor swimming pool. Equipment. What A Summer Of COVID-19 Taught Scientists About Indoor vs. Deciding whether your cat is going to live completely indoors or spend some time outdoors requires careful consideration on your part. Outdoors vs. Indoors: What You Need to Know When Designing a Centralized Mailbox System. "We went indoors when it started to rain." How to use indoors in a sentence. As adverbs the difference between indoors and inside is that indoors is in or into a building while inside is within or towards the interior of something, especially a building. Indoor antennas seem like a pretty attractive idea when you hear how easy it is to set them up, but of course, with positives come negatives, and we’re here to tell you all about indoor antennas! Furthermore, outdoor pollutants can find their way indoors, but you hardly experience indoor pollution, causing damage outdoors. An indoor grower can get up to five or even six crops per year. Indoor vs Indoorsy . Indoor vs Outdoor Lighting: Are They Interchangeable? Pros. As a adverb indoors is in or into a building. Indoor vs Outdoor cats. The truth is that you cannot completely do away with one over the other. At a glance. Breathe in that fresh air and … Right off the bat it’s important to say that neither of the two is more or less valuable. Don't say: I stayed indoor. For others, it’s just a pain. That question is a classic debate in the world of cannabis. We were kept indoors all week by bad weather. Weed growing guide: Cannabis indoors vs outdoors Growing weed at home can be a rewarding hobby, but there are many options to consider, including whether you'll be growing indoors or outdoors. But in reality things aren’t that simple. Indoor vs Outdoor Tankless Water Heater. Theoretically this gives me an FTP of 290W (maximum sustainable power for 1 hour). It’s devoid of weather, traffic, and other elements 100% out of your control. Growers can use low-tech and high-tech options to enrich CO² levels. We need money to operate the site, and almost all of it comes from our online advertising. Outdoor devices are waterproof and designed for wider temperatures. Indoor vs. You Have Less Control Growing Outdoors vs. Indoors. Just as some wine aficionados seek wine based on terroir, some cannabis consumers like to explore the subtleties of individual strains. Period. Going along with control, the quality of indoor grows are generally better than outdoor ones. Indoors vs Inside. So indoor growers get multiple harvests in a single year. Indoor games can also boost creativity through arts and crafts, playing puzzles, etc.

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