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A sinkhole and erosion ate a third of Baltimore’s light rail stops. We should make it easier for developers to build affordable units within market rate affordable buildings, because right now the formula disincentives this action. Choun and Merlene, in particular, have bright futures in Arlington’s civic and political landscape, and we hope that they stay engaged and involved. “We want to have an inclusive process at the appropriate moments.”. While many of the goals set by the Arlington County Board for 2016 were familiar, like expanding school capacity, signs of the new perspectives and new leadership began to take hold at its Jan. 1 meeting. This leaves only one candidate with an active declaration of candidacy. . person will not be tolerated. Washington Building First Floor 1100 Bank Street, Richmond, VA 23219 Phone (804) 864-8901 . Insiders say there is some division among board members on the idea, but there seems to be a majority in support. We’re a bit perplexed as to why Choun withdrew from the regular 2020 county board primary against incumbent Libby Garvey, where he was a strong contender. Viewing 2012 County Board Member General Election Arlington County. Ranked Choice Voting used to select BOTH the Arlington School Board and Arlington Board of Supervisors candidates by the Arlington Democratic Party this year were riddled with fraud. Between the pandemic crisis and the fact that the 2020 County Board race saw only two candidates (Democrat Libby Garvey and independent Audrey Clement), board members did not move forward on considering enactment of the instant-runoff process. Let us know what's going on! Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), the General Assembly earlier this year voted to allow Arlington to serve as an instant-runoff guinea pig before other localities have the option to implement it a year from now. ARLINGTON, VA — In addition to voting for the president and vice president, one member of the U.S. Senate, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the 8th congressional district, the Arlington County Board and School Board, two amendments to the Constitution of Virginia, and five bond questions for Arlington County. or anything. Takis Karantonis by the candidate’s website. And we weren’t thrilled with his deference to local control in our question about state delegate Ibraheem Samirah’s bill to legalize duplexes. The positions of Chair and Vice Chair rotate annually. In his questionnaire, he wrote that “signal priority and off-vehicle fare collection will be at the top of my short and medium term agenda,” and that he would “further initiate a study of dedicated bus lanes during morning and evening peak-times.”. Presidential Ticket Want to know more about the delegate selection process? Can you spell p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c ? Kanninen’s answer on stormwater planning, which explained why redevelopment in Arlington results in improved stormwater outcomes, deserves particular praise. Right now, there are several elections going on in Arlington County, and it can get a bit confusing. Viewing 2020 County Board Member Special General Election Arlington County. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Instructions on how to request absentee ballots online, and to register to vote for residents not yet registered, are on the Arlington Democrats website. How to Get Help If you have questions about Election Day or any of the voting or ID requirements, contact Arlington Office of Elections at 703-228-3456 or stop by the Bozman Government Center (2100 … Its residents would be well-served by his service on the county board. We have to hold the owners of properties in Crystal City accountable for achieving many, many new affordable units. The list of candidates will be updated as more information is available. Eight months later, in November's general election, Vihstadt won a full term; winning by 56% to 44%. And, he boasts endorsements from many of the officials and committee members we work with and/or have supported. The deadline to request a mail-in ballot for that election is 5 p.m. on June 30. It only makes sense as they will also be building hundreds of thousands of square feet of retail where workers will not be high earners. . to trying to figure this out.”. As former head of the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization, former president of his civic association in Columbia Heights, near the eastern end of the pike, and as a board member of Alliance for Housing Solutions, Karantonis has a long record of fighting for less fortunate people and an area of the county that has not gotten the planning or transportation investments it needs. Low 23F. The special election to replace retiring County Board member Chris Zimmerman is the closest thing Arlington will probably have to a referendum on the streetcar. “The devil’s always in the details – it’s important to get this right,” said board vice chairman Matt Weinstein. Candidates in this election and votes received: Elizabeth Test Garvey (60.3%), Matthew Alan Wavro (25.5%), and Audrey Rose Clement (12.9%). We ran responses to our questionnaire Monday from the four candidates: Chanda Choun, Barbara Kanninen, Takis Karantonis, and Nicole Merlene. Real-time social media posts from local businesses and organizations across Northern Virginia, powered by Friends2Follow. Submit this form along with the Petition of Qualified Voter forms to the Arlington County General Registrar. The Circuit Court of Arlington County chose that date for the special election to fill the vacancy on the Board caused by the death last month of Vice-Chair Erik Gutshall. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism Candidates running in Arlington County explain why voters should choose them in the Nov. 3 general election. We ran responses to our questionnaire Monday from the four candidates: Chanda Choun, Barbara Kanninen, Takis Karantonis… Some voters also find ranked choice voting confusing, so there would have to be a significant outreach program to all voters. The Democratic Primary for County Board, originally scheduled for June 9, 2020 and subsequently delayed until June 23, 2020, will not be held. Arlington County Board Special Election Candidates Forum: The Chamber is pleased to announce the 2020 business-themed Special Election County Board Candidate Forum. County Board Member Libby Garvey, in April 2014, resigned from the Arlington Democratic Committee after supporting Vihstadt's campaign over Ferranti's. arlington democratic incumbents cristol, dorsey return to county board (washington post, nov. 5, 2019) sparring in arlington continues over transparency in amazon negotiations (inside nova, march 19, 2018) state bill would provide big tax breaks to arlington country clubs And the legislature insisted, as a condition of passing Hope’s bill, that all costs involved with a switch to ranked-choice voting be paid by the Arlington government, which these days is pleading poverty every time a new initiative is proposed. I’m Audrey Clement, the Independent candidate for Arlington County Board.As a 16-year Westover resident, long time civic activist, and current member of the Transportation Commission, I’m running for County Board because the Board has pushed harmful policies resulting in: overcrowded schools, traffic congestion, gentrification, and an effective tax rate that is twice the rate of inflation. He also has the most resounding vision for what Arlington needs to accomplish as Amazon moves in and COVID-19 continues: Significant upzoning of Crystal City occurred in 2010 with the purpose of bringing workspace and living space into balance. Takis Karantonis by the candidate’s website. Share with Us. Then people couldn’t find the buses. On the ballot will be the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, House of Delegates (45th, 47th, 48th, and 49th Districts), County Board (1 seat), and School Board (1 seat). Use the 'Report' link on If McCaffrey and the SG were capable of investigative journalism all would know that last year's Arlington School Board ranked choice selection process used by the Arlington Democratic Party was riddled with fraud. Diaz-Torres, 29, is a manager of product design and delivery at Education First Consulting. ARLINGTON COUNTY, Va. — During the 2020 General Election, Arlington County residents will have the chance to decide on members of the Board of Education for the county's school system. When filling out ballots, voters are allowed (but not required) to rank candidates in order of preference; should no candidate receive 50 percent of the vote on the first ballot, the lowest scoring candidate is eliminated, and his/her votes are reallocated based on voter preferences. Also rank 2nd and/or 3rd: Nicole Merlene and Chanda Choun. Issues, platforms, candidate debate performance don't matter. All text, and images marked as created by the article's author, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. At the request of Del. There's one major media outlet that's so biased against non-Democrats that it sat on major league negative news about a Democrat running for re-election to Arlington Board of Supervisors until a couple days after the 2019 elections; another media outlet whose Editor perennially calls non-Democrats "losers"; and another media outlet where friends of the Owner-Publisher continually trash non-Democrats in blog comments. Both Merlene and Choun know their stuff. You have permission to edit this article. Candidates running in Arlington County explain why voters should choose them in the Nov. 3 general election. Meet The Candidate: Audrey Clement For Arlington County Board Michael O'Connell 10/8/2020 Pentagon, D.C. officials point fingers at each other over Capitol riot response To add your business to the stream, email or click on the green button below. It's readily obvious that these aliases repeatedly share the same syntax, both above and in comments on other articles. But before any County Board decision, there needs to be assurances that “we’re all on the same page,” said Reinemeyer, a sentiment shared by Electoral Board members. Implementing ranked-choice voting in Arlington elections may not be simple, by SCOTT McCAFFREY, Sun Gazette Newspapers, LATEST NEWS on coronavirus in Northern Virginia, Kristen Bell 'learned everything' about Dax Shepard in lockdown, Kanye West 'less than thrilled' by divorce getting screen time. If you are a party candidate nominated by a method other than a primary then you do not need to submit a Declaration of Candidacy unless required by your party. We need to evaluate where the opportunities for infill or modest expansions are and how we can allow those increases while also meeting our need for affordable housing in the HQ2 neighborhoods. Arlington’s elections office, meanwhile, is expected to announce today that it will not be running a party nomination event ahead of the November County Board general election. No wonder non-Democrats can't get traction and so few are interested in running for office. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Fraud is when one individual posts comments above under three different aliases (Charles, CJE, and JM). Provisional ballots will not be counted unless a voter provides the Electoral Board with a copy of a valid ID no later than noon on the third business day after the election. This week, a select group of Arlington Democratic party members will choose a nominee for the county board seat held by Erik Gutshall, who tragically died of brain cancer in April. Sally Hudson (D-Charlottesville) – allows for ranked-choice voting in a wide array of races statewide on a 10-year trial basis, starting in 2021. This week, a select group of Arlington Democratic party members will choose a nominee for the county board seat held by Erik Gutshall, who tragically died of brain cancer in April. This year, GGWash staff and volunteers spent over 500 hours on our elections coverage. It seems like the progressive thing for a self-professed progressive community to do: Switch Arlington County Board elections from winner-take-all to ranked-choice (or “instant-runoff”) formats. Winds light and variable.. A clear sky. About the Board. The biggest current challenge? If you value it, we'd appreciate it if you'd make a contribution of any amount to help us continue our work on political races around the region. We would like to note that Merlene returned her questionnaire beyond the deadline, and that, while she’s wonderfully enthusiastic and knowledgeable about public transit improvements, her responses contained less detail than others’ on how she would actually execute the policies that she favors. [Sun Gazette Newspapers provides content to, but otherwise is unaffiliated with, InsideNoVa or Rappahannock Media LLC.]. The five-member County Board is Arlington’s governing body, vested with its legislative powers. Gerald N. "Jay" Fisette Jr. (born February 25, 1956) is an American politician in Arlington County, Virginia.He became the state's first openly gay elected official when he was elected to the five-person Arlington County Board in 1997. There will likely be at least one independent candidate in the upcoming Arlington County Board special election. Congratulations to ALL of our 2020 candidates. Don't Threaten. In addition, the state government would be required to certify all system upgrades, something that may not be high on the Virginia Department of Elections’ priority list, given only one jurisdiction is involved. They're popularity contests. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. A similar situation occurred in this year’s Democratic School Board caucus, in which David Priddy came from behind to snag one of the two slots, after running third in the first round of balloting. We're always interested in hearing about news in our community. Meet three candidates running for the Arlington School Board Cristina Diaz-Torres. The Arlington Electoral Board has announced that political parties, including the Arlington Democrats, must nominate their candidates for the special election by May 8. This is the official endorsement of Greater Greater Washington. Keep it Clean. Be Nice. Electoral Board secretary Scott McGeary said the effort would “informally move ahead . We like them both a great deal and believe that they are each deserving of votes from the eligible committee members. © Jamie Gardner Audrey Clement, 50, is running for one of the two County Board seats being contested in the 2020 election. Incumbent Libby Garvey, 69, has served eight years on the Arlington County Board and is the current Board chair. BTW, this is the same Arlington Democratic Party that vehemently opposed reform of the decennial legislative redistricting process, approved by 2/3 of Virginia's voters last month. On the County Board, there are two seats up right now: 1) the one formerly held by Erik Gutshall, due to his resignation as he fought brain cancer ( special election set for July 7, with the Democratic nominee being decided by May 8; announced candidates so far are Barbara Kanninen and Chanda Choun ); 2) as well as the regularly scheduled election for Chair Libby Garvey… Congressional Candidates Arlington County Board Candidate Arlington County School Board Candidates Arlington County Unofficial Election Results. Arlington's official voting and election website. November 2, 2021 General Election. It gets worse. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Arlington’s efforts to create “instant-runoff” County Board elections may hinge on how an upcoming meeting between county and state officials and technology vendors goes. ARLINGTON, VA — In addition to voting for the president and vice president, one member of the U.S. Senate, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the 8th congressional district, the Arlington County Board and School Board, two amendments to the Constitution of Virginia, and five bond questions for Arlington County. It’s evident that Karantonis has both the ideals and the practicality needed to make Arlington more accessible to all. “I look forward . Karantonis is an urbanist, and a progressive. RCV is nothing more than a repurposed high school popularity contest "election" facilitated by perennially biased high school style "journalism". Washington Building First Floor 1100 Bank Street, Richmond, VA 23219 Phone (804) 864-8901

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