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Love’s Long Journey; 6. Come fall in love with my passions - family travel, plants, farmhouse decor, family fun, family movie reviews and LDS inspiration. From the first time I pulled this page up until now, approximately 6 months time span, SOMEONE has changed the “order” of the list of these great movies! I dvrd them. Love Comes Softly; 4. And this also would have meant Missy had remarried a third time from her sheriff husband, had a third child(WHEN DID ALL THIS HAPPEN??!!) I am 89 years of age and I find these type of film to be the finiest ever printed in to film. The younger Generation can learn much from the way of life in those days and what they had to do to get along and it was fun time too. so… Is Loves Beginning the 1st and not Love Comes Softly? If you want to watch them in production order, we have the release date so you can easily figure that out. Love’s Everlasting Courage; 3. When Clark Davis (Wes Brown) finds trouble in town on his way to California, Ellen agrees to hire him at the farm to work off his debts. Rebecca the list you posted is correct right? Candidates go all-out to win votesr, as official campaign period for April election begins. Love's Christmas Journey is first (just came out on DVD about a month ago) then Love Begins and so on. Love Begins; 2. He was named after his mother’s first husband, & his biological father(Marty was married to Aaron when he died in Comes Softly). as -ilovemaki- suggested. I didn’t want to argue with anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings by sounding rude. Ok, this has made me tired and I need a nap… I watched “Love Comes Softly” on Hallmark Channel last night. 1. It originally aired on Hallmark Channel in 2003. I don’t have the dvd’s, but I’ve watched them several times. I love the movies. Love Finds a Home; 1. Availability: Out of Stock. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about? Love’s Unending Legacy; 8. Summary – Marty and Aaron Claridge (Katherine Heigl and Oliver Macready) travel west in search of new opportunity. Sorry, but if you read the books you know that they are in the right order, to begin with, the way the movies were made. It doesn’t mean that they should’ve told you about them before you learn about them. I’ve watched them so many times. I just finish Volume 1 & 2 of the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. now I found Loves Beginning and Love's Christmas Journey…. I have researched this for years and this is the way i watch them. Item# love-begins-dvd. One local resident thinks the illness was spread from the town orphanage and wants to see it shut down. I love these movies Love Comes Softly. Summary – Following a treacherous journey West, Missie (Erin Cottrell) and her husband (Logan Bartholomew) have set up a homestead where they’ve begun to raise a family. YESSS!! Unfortunately, no. I tried to hold on to my selfishness. We just read the movie synopsis that says that Willie dies. In stock on January 18, 2021. Then comes Loves Everlasting Courage. 9:Love Begins. She wasnt pregnant. As a writer myself I know we sometimes go back after and do a backstory to fill you in like them remembering where certain things happened. I did not remember that they had a girl (ellie). In my opinion so different that they are barely related. I did not include it since it is not on DVD yet, but looks like it's coming out on 10/30/12 so I'll order it and get it on our site when it comes out. Unless I missed recording them. They should know the order but I did find they don’t know as much as they should. The story, like “Love Begins” and “Love’s Everlasting Courage” is not written by Janet Oke. I haven't watched any of these yet because it seemed impossible to figure out the order, and I'm picky that way. The books make more sense. I accidentally typed Belinda. And I have to admit I am wrong…Love Begins HAS to be the first because that’s when Clark and Ellen first meet- then Everlasting Journey, followed by Comes Softly…..then etc etc. Thanks Mary. I have fallen in Love with this series ans wish to find out if there is a listing of anymore in this same art of watching and the older ones that take part in this age or Year. Falling In Love (1) Falling Off Roof (1) False Accusation (1) Family Farm (1) Family Relationships (1) Farmer (1) Farmer's Wife (1) Farmers Daughter (1) Then watch #10 listed here next which is the 2nd DVD in the story. Assam NRC hearing begins in SC; period to file appeal increased to 60 days. I am going to keep searching, I have all the movies and would also like to know the order. Oh my! I don’t understand how everyone can say that Love comes softly is first…how do you think the whole sequence started.. with Clark Davis and Ellen Barlow..which afterwards they got married and missy was born… now the story goes on after that.. Love that series but only have first 3 hint hint my husband, You forgot the last movie Love’s Christmas Journey. Pamela, Love Begins; 2. So if someone could let me known what you think that would be great! . Clark Davis’ ( Wes Brown) adventurous dreams of seeing the world are put into jeopardy after he and a friend start a fight which damages a local cafe. I like the movies but I am tired of all the husbands dying. 5:Loves unending Legacy. 3:Loves Long journey 4: Loves Abiding Joy LOVE BEGINS stars Nancy McKeon [ The Facts of Life ], Wes Brown [ True Blood] and Julie Mond [ General Hospital ]. She is not mentioned in the next movie after Ellen and Clark at wed. Movies in a series are meant to be viewed chronologically which is how the writer/director intends it for the audience. I am not sure what you mean by “they are selling them.” Could you elaborate? That should be watched before Love comes Softly. I have them all and all of the books. ). Rent Love Begins (2011) starring Wes Brown and Julie Mond on DVD and Blu-ray. GOD BLESS , ENJOY! It should be Lillian and her boyfriend went in a cave or something similar to one. I agree with your second version and that Christmas Journey is not part of the series- Aaron would be a character but his sister was Missy, not Ellie. Love’s Long Journey; 6. When her husband dies unexpectedly, and with a harsh Montana winter coming, a settler's widow must accept an invitation… Love’s Everlasting Courage; 3. Lots of opinions but I guess when you watch these movies so many times, one would become somewhat of an expert(of what I’m not sure), but seems like I notice something more or different every time I watch. Love’s Enduring Promise; 5. Love Begins Abigail Mavity. I wish Clark and Missy were in the latter movie. Made to Last (Where Love Begins, #1), Here to Stay (Where Love Begins, #2), and One December Night She was pregnant by her first husband had a boy..then she had another baby boy by Clark her second husband.. Ellie was in the book series but not the movie. I love these movies. Something ..perhaps, ordinary or […], Your email address will not be published. These movies have the characters and the timeline all screwed up. Anyway, I decided last night to share these movies (the whole series) with my soon to be 11 year old granddaughter. Main Characters – Missie Davis LaHaye & Willie LaHaye – their adopted son Jeff LaHaye and love interest Colette Doros. Discover how the Love Comes Softly series began! Where did Cassie go? Yes the difference are vastly different! It should appear last in your published order for viewing. After the last DVD in the series; Love finds a Home, The Public Loved the Story so much that Janette Oke finally went back and wrote about the past lives of the 2 main characters that started in her first book Love comes Softly. Then the rest of the order here is correct because their listing of no#1 Love comes softly is 3rd in the story line. Who is Ellie? But when tragedy strikes and Marty is suddenly widowed, the young woman must face the rugged terrain, bleak weather, and life among strangers – alone. Ellie Davis King (Clark and Marty’s daughter, not mentioned in the films but in the book Love’s Enduring Promise) & Aaron Davis (Clark and Marty’s daughter, seen in the movie Love’s Enduring Promise), both half-siblings of Missy (daughter of Clark & Ellen, who dies in Love’s Everlasting Courage). Summary – Missie’s (Erin Cottrell) adopted daughter Belinda (Scout Taylor-Compton) is determined to become a doctor, but despite her dedication and ability, Doc Jackson (Robert Pine) believes women should stay at home – and so does Belinda’s suitor, Drew Simpson (Patrick Levis)! loves christmas journey is not the first one. Thanks–these movies have really given me a much needed lift! Loves Unfolding Dream (it says The sixth installment) in the description. It’s obviously not the first but not the last either as Aaron, one of the main characters is the baby from Love Comes Softly(named after his deceased father) after Clark remarries but Ellie was not Aaron’s sister, Missy was…. Love comes Softly was the first book written and most of us read it and fell in love with the story. I appreciated your listing all the Janette Oke movies in order! I still think Christmas Journey IS NOT part of the series but from the same producers, writers and same storyline. Love Begins is a 2011 American made-for-television Christian drama film and is the first of two prequels of the Love Comes Softly series. Love Finds a Home. Love Begins. Also it ended with Belinda getting married. If you go by the way they came out, the order is: Main Characters – Missie Davis LaHaye & Son Mattie LaHaye – Belinda Marshall, Jacob Marshall – Zach Tyler. I am rewatching all the movies right now and started with Christmas Journey, just finished Long Journey, so the first few are fresh in my mind. Aaron who Marty was pregnant with when her husband Aaron died and another son who is “Loves enduring promise”? New York, New York. Love’s Abiding Joy; 7. One escapes, but Clark Davis stays to work off his debt by fixing a farm belonging to two young women, Ellen and Cassie Barlow (not Cates). I think Belinda and a boyfriend went in a cave and started caving in. I researched IMDB and found where it fits in. Summary – Based on Janette Oke’s best-selling novel, this poignant sequel to Love Comes Softly will draw you in from beginning to end. Clark’s leg was amputated after a life threatening accident. I would really like to find these DVDs. its one of the last arron is marty’s son which she dosen’t have till she marries clark. It makes you want to watch more! Please Note: Number 9 and Number 10 came out last in production but if you want to watch them in the order of the story line and what comes first in the order of time then you must start with no#9 listed here as it is number #1 in the story. 4.7 out of 5 stars 603. First book: I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You. It made me laugh that you find the last one boring – that’s my very favorite! Love Finds a Home; Clark Davis adventurous dreams of seeing the world are put into jeopardy after he and a friend start a fight which damages a local cafe. Guess I have something to look for. Main Characters -Marty and Aaron Claridge – Clark Davis and daughter Missie Davis. Love Begins is first, Love's Christmas journey is or should be last. These movies are wonderful I love God’s message in each one There is not enough movies like this anymore. Thanks for this page – it will really help me to know in what order to watch the movies as I track them down! I think the titles are in the same order as the books, but there are a lot of differences in the story line. Love's Christmas Journey. 1.Love Comes Softly is first,2. i like all of them ,, i hope she can make more . In one of the movies I watched Marty and Clark had two sons and the daughter that they lost due to crib death.

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