is judith mcnaught still writing

Having searched for literally hours, and after buying the Westmoreland series in *unreadabe* hard copy from overseas, (published by S&S) I found a few sites offering free downloads. Forgot account? My all time 2nd Most Favorite is “Perfect” I have that series and all of her books. Alongside authors like Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught… My sisters and I had thrown out what we didn’t need. we like to read about dominant, strong men, maybe not really practical, but in romance … I like to sigh after reading a book and think – how he loved her …. Fail at it. Such beautiful creation of characters and story. JMN books are like homemade macaroni and cheese compared to Kraft instant-cups-mac-n’-cheese. That you can find (literally) anywhere on the romance shelf. ! About See All. Both sides are prohibited from commenting. She loved people. All I could think about was, my god, I know they’re going to make a movie or tv series of this novel one day. I don’t know where I am going with this. But…in a happy sense. McNaught is active in children's charity and with breast cancer causes, and she has recently begun promoting literacy issues. No one is perfect. Her silence started when her mother died. Itvwas fun, and Ms McNaught would sometimes join us. I have read all of Judith s books over and over again. I’m 71 and arthritic and holding a book is a lot harder, which brings me back to my previous point re books *being unreadable*. W… I do hope we hear something soon. I found this offensive to your fans.”, “Judith McNaught – I hope you are alright. Maybe even younger. McNaught chose to donate a portion of her earnings from the book to women's literacy programs and insisted that each book contain a card giving readers information on how to donate to literacy programs or to become tutors. I agree I laughed and cried many times reading these treasured books. I have waited and remained hopeful but I gave up reading romance like many of you because the “new” romance became depressing. The Sweetest Thing Judith Mcnaught. Any feministic streak I had within me just did not give him a chance. Create New Account. We need to be heard!! I had trouble conveying in this article just how disappointed I was when there was no book. As if her brand of romance, so different from current top sellers, is anathema to the romance industry. Unaware of all that, Julianna sat propped upon her pillows, writing a letter to her grandmother. Hi, Elizabeth! Deixis in Judith McNaught’s Night Whispers Novel Indonesian Journal of EFL and Linguistics, 4(1), ... words to shorten the utterance and writing. I have been wondering where Judith McNaught is myself. She was my favorite and I miss her! She is special!!! Click here to add your name to an online petition, requesting information from Judith McNaught’s publisher Simon and Schuster. McNaught described the break-up as peaceful and friendly, and she threw a party for 160 friends to celebrate entering a new phase of her life. The kind of sentiment Judith and I are talking about is transformational, and it can be applied to any and all of her heroes. I bet if you published one – even just a digital one — and put it on your website – or your FB page – it would sell like WILDFIRE. I’ll be gone by that date as well! Where is Judith mcnaught? I’m 62, and like so many others have (for 30+ years) read her books over and over again. …publishers began concentrating more on quantity than quality… Inevitably, the market became saturated, and – equally inevitably – disenchanted readers began expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of the books. No one will be mad at her. My 30 something daughter does not understand what you explained so succinctly regarding the growth of the characters, particularly the hero – She acts offended at the mere concept of the storyline. I really think they owe us some answers. BUT if she doesn’t want to write again, isn’t inspired, has enough money, etc, she should simply say she’s retired and be done with it. Sentimentality has enabled us to civilize and soften the other half of the population of the planet.”. Not the drivel being written by all these wannabes who think they write a great story. Not just favorite romance author – just the best author. The first Judith McNaught book I ever read was Perfect. After all that I’ve come to the conclusion that her publisher Simon & Schuster, is to blame for EVERYTHING! But even then, it stayed with me. Loved her as an author. Why would any publisher fail to bring this romance author, one of the first to ever receive a multi-million dollar contract, back into the light? As McNaught herself once said, it takes bravery to read and write this stuff. Sorry this seems a bit stalkerish, but after Googling JM’s name in the news section I saw that her stunning home was up for sale,this is in July 2019 Not only was it being sold fully furnished, but the realtor was speaking about JM in the past tense. Such a shame; younger readers are missing out on the best romance writer. You found the words that exactly express my own sentiments. Reading JMN’s books has ruined me for reading any other romance novels – but I still do, HOPING to find someone, ANYONE who can craft a plot line and develop characters like JMN. I also wonder if anyone contacted her children? Her house is sold fully furnished and another book doesn’t come out until 2045? ? I also reached out to Simon and Schuster and questioned why 2045? Judith Mcnaught New Book Release . Absolutely one of my favorite authors ever! Judith is awesome. Would like an honest and straightforward answer.”. Her books are like my ice cream when Im feeling down. However- I appreciate your good wishes on that score AND nice to know YOU are out there, carrying the torch so to speak. I find the stuff out there very boring. Take Someone to Watch Over Me, a mystery/suspense romance published in 2003. Its like saying, “I only like crime and mystery novels, so anyone who writes about fantasy, or history, or comic books aren’t ‘real’ writers”. She gives me a lump in my throat every time I read her books, in a good way. So many of the fundraisers were held right here at this house,” Foster continued.” I do hope JM is not seriously ill, or has it has been suggested she may have passed away, God Forbid. I so loved the comment that JM books are like the comforting element of ice cream. The novel concludes with the hero taking his wife, and mother of his child, out onto the parapet of the keep and literally lifting her in the air, he lifts her higher and higher in triumph and adoration. Is Judith Mcnaught Still Writing . I have just read Perfect and Paradise. I’ve been waiting for JM’s next book for years now. Don’t listen to schmucks. That got deep. …how can women possibly feel empowered when publishing companies carelessly decide what’s important and what isn’t, what readers want and don’t want? That said, I suspect that her age or health have caught up with her and we should allow her to retire peacefully. I want to know! So well said! Simon, and perhaps Schuster, didn’t bother to mention whatever delayed your book release because, as I can see them remarking, “No one’s interested in her books anymore. But then you remember – making homemade Mac n’ Cheese takes a long time! Judith Mcnaught Book List . I thought to myself, whatever, I guess I’ll add it to the collection on my bookshelf even though I’ll never touch it again…but I did. All you can do is reread them occasionally and hope it is just a legal battle that is resolved. Sad yes, mad no. I am a 86 year senior. I am shocked to hear that the book has been postponed or god forbid, cancelled altogether? And to have jerks at a party say because she writes ‘romance’ she’s not a real author (or whatever it was he implied) – that’s like someone saying -‘meh, your homemade mac and cheese is the same as Kraft”. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, I feel the same, I would add Kat Martin, Meagan Mckinney to the list. But why are some of her titles available globally as ebooks in foreign languages but not English? Reread them often. In the romance community, Lindsey was a superstar, helping to establish the genre and make it a publishing juggernaut. Also — who needs a publishing company?? Period. It vanished with Judith McNaught. I’d be interested if anyone here is knowledgeable regarding the process of going from book to audible? Judith McNaught is my favorite author. Nicki is so proud of him, and he is utterly besotted with John's twin sister. It’s only fair that they tell the truth. I have tried to get her last book, but to no avail. Yes! Their newest books are not yours, nor do Avon’s books hold a candle to your meaningful plot weaving and character development. I am not buying books. [8] Unaware that there were rules that most Regency romances followed, McNaught's early novels were unique. Been reading her (and rereading) for decades. “(She loved) having friends over and people over that she could entertain. No author has ever inspired those reactions from me. Oh Carmen- We should be friends! I just finished reading for the 3rd time “With my every Breath”. Comparing these men to McNaught’s is like holding “Baby Shark” up to Beethoven.

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