axton smg build

She's a siren warrior. A Neogenator or Evolution will compliment the health regeneration abilities. If the number is less than 1 means that the part less common than other parts. Axton's turrets scale with overpower levels but the turret damage started falling off with each over power level. Some weapons have a single number in the upper right hand corner. This does not mean that your skill will instantly be recharged though as it's based of the rate of recharge not the total duration. ... How I would build at level 40, continue to the slag turret. At OP2 i can dive groups of armed enemies and usually come out the other side without falling down. This can be beneficial in coop modes as your double turrets can draw fire while your friends can do the bulk of the DPS without going into FFYL. Siren Base on Legendary Siren Class mod and Bee shield. Sprayer grenade damage dropped off around level 55. Automatic Weapons. A Bee shield would be handy as enemies tend to focus your turrets when they're deployed. Expanded magazine size. Build 1: Sniper . a Lyuda, Maliwan Caster or a thrown-like-a-grenade Tediore will do the trick. This is a wonderful smg with an accuracy debuff but extremely high damage output, it also has a very fast reload speed which is then boosted by her abilities and Mod(see mod). The Bullet Storm (Axton build) There have been a number of turret-based builds here on the forums, but they all seem to question the viability of this approach. Keep another high damage weapon handy to deal with these enemies and don't over invest into fire damage weapons/grenades (i.e. or you could use an Evolution or Hoplite for additional tankiness (don't use the Hoplite if you decide to give Deathtrap a copy of your shield with the 'Sharing is Caring' skill as this will slow you down). If you're not loving the process of accumulating anarchy stacks you can activate Discord over and over to consume the initial 25 stacks (Rational Anarchist skill) for increased accuracy, fire rate and health regen. the Unkempt Harold is very handy to have because of it's high damage output. User Info: Cervosi. It doesn't really matter what grenade you use -i'm barely using a Pandemic, i just haven't found anything better yet. LF non explosive Axton OP8 Build? Could also use the Impaler if you want to turn your shield into a weapon. A list of the Legendary Sub-Machine Guns, where they are found, and any special properties they may This build works for guerrilla tactic fights and not as good for boss fights. Some weapons have a single number in the upper right hand corner. save hide report. Borderlands 2 axton build op8 Axton OP8 Build :: Borderlands 2 General Discussion . Legendary Cat Class mod for end game. You can damage yourself with kunai so time your attacks so you're not striking the enemy when your kunai is exploding. I play with Axton. It's okay as an SMG, but the point of it is the Reloads which can kill enemies sooo fast. a +max health relic (you will die too quickly without this). You can put fewer points into Blood Bath (to reach grenade drop chance of 100%) if you have a class mod that boosting the skill level. Each successful kill will extend how long you can stay in your action ability but a failed attempt to assassinate a target will end your action skill. The homing grenades can be nice as they take away the need to aim. Anyone know effective builds for running thru op8? the Flame of the Firehawk's damage will drop off end game -at that point you may be better off with a Rough Rider. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Borderlands 2. Slice and Dice: The best build for melee action. The Mechromancer is a class that really doesn't have skills to increase her damage output (sure, she has skills to increase her elemental damage but you'll find this ineffective at higher levels). I wasn't fussed about the non-legendary killer class mods. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. I struggled to land kunai on them and dodge their attacks, but maybe this was just me not playing the character very well. Zero is a hero that's based on skill. Do so here. It does a heavy amount of damage which is simply boosted by your own passives and class mods to ridiculous numbers. I fixed this by equipping a Bee Shield for extra damage. This thread is archived. I will be Axton and he will be Siren. I mainly used mirv and singularity grenades until I swapped to the Fast Ball for end game damage. This build does not require a specific weapon but does give damage boosts to rocket launchers so try to find a high damage rocket launcher such as The Nukem, Badaboom, 12 Pounder or Norfleet . Avoid using snipers as this build consumes ammo like a badass midget consumes drinks at a bar. I levelled up using the Emperor SMG. I would use these weapons when i became tired of sniping or was versing enemies that close in too quickly. Save Deathtrap for when you come up against challenging enemies. A Bee shield to maximise damage -will also compliment weapons like the B|tch and Lady Fist. If you don't have one of these, you could use a Ninja Class Mod or an Infiltrator Class Mod. User Info: Cervosi. Note: Skills in bold are more important in each build… To manage this i used transfusion grenades to heal. (*fast reload allows you to spam reload for heavy aoe output in crouds via shock and argh. Yes I know this build is not the Gunpowder build that is all the rage now. From this point you can invest another 27 points into Survival to also grab Gemini for double turret… The Emperor has DAHL - SMG Parts. Not weapon specific but prefers fast fire rate, small clip, fast reload weapons. It dosn’t have any effects its just freakin good itself and with my build it works perfectly deadly and fast. Axton is just boring for me if I don't play with an explosive build. 3). I tended to focus more on slagging things and let my grenades and, Avoid shields that have immunity to burn damage. Don't discount your weapons, you will still need them to get yourself back up when you go down which will happen occasionally -usually when you miss the timing of Release the Beast. (I love to play axton) You've really done a great job. This method may be better for surviving boss fights if you don't get it on the first try. You can always find a new class mod if your current build is not a good fit for you. the shield you choose doesn't really matter. This build is using the Legendary Pointman Mod. Your health will regenerate faster while you're dealing damage. The op levels you have already unlocked will become available again when you hit 80. now with the new Lilith DLC can we reach the final skill of the third skill tree? use the highest capacity shield you can find (. This does not mean that your skill will instantly be recharged though as it's based of the rate of recharge not the total duration. Video Guide: Please check later Axton - Popcorn Turrets Chew 'em up honey This build is simple to use and doesn't need a lot of explaining. and once higher level will be more beneficial to the build with Discord ability) Axton players tend to rely on his Action Skill (“the Turret”) quite a bit. He was a former soldier for Dahl’s army before being kick out and divorced by his wife. Any high damage output weapon. You don't want to miss out on Release the Best because you accidentally healed right before you activated Buzz Axe Rampage. You also lose your kill skills when you enter. The explosions caused by these guns will cause enemies to drop grenades. Putting Skill points into. Just got a baby maker, it does like 1000k on a reload. You can reach the bottom of your first skill tree at level 31. A reduce cooldown relic would also work. If the number is less than 1 means that the part less common than other parts. this build uses the Legendary Engineer Class Mod and a Skill Cooldown Reduction Relic. This BL2 Commando (Axton) Build is what I used to play the game in normal and true vault hunter mode, mainly solo with some co-op. He can deal massive damage on his own merits, use his turret to draw aggro and help him defeat enemies, or become a veritable tank bolstered by thousands of health and shield points. Also, don't panic when you go down, take your time and use 'Fight for Your Life' to your advantage. This gun also has SMG ammo regen which is great for getting a few extra rounds when mobbing. You can destroy entire areas with a few fires of the Norfleet and you can shoot your feet with the Vladof assault rifle while wearing the Sham shield to generate rockets. With an Amara build, as with the other Borderlands 3 characters, there’s a lot of scope for customisation.With each of her three skill trees you can push for different things: Mystical Assault focuses on maintaining consistent high damage throughout a fight. Assures you get double the DPS and you can save the nice Slagga SMG (or any other slag weapon for that matter) for another Axton build or another char. Base it around the class mods you find. Please see the. I'm just using a Maliwan sniper as it reliably slags first shot, if not second will. While they can be useful to … A +gun damage relic depending on your preferred weapon. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Posted by 5 years ago. The more enemies, the better! Deathtrap is only effective when he is meleeing things -he's useless against flying enemies and you can't control which enemies he attacks, if he attacks at all. This spec will let you pretty much stay in your ult as long as you're shooting things; but going down during your ult will cancel it and put it on cooldown which will leave you vulnerable until it resets. However, this build centralizes on having your turrets out at all times. Only parts that have an impact on this weapons stats are shown! Goal Of The Build . Character selection is important in games like Borderlands 2.This guide will help the player select the best character for solo play. What is your favourite build. Boost your melee damage as much as you can so that you can one-hit enemies with your Action Skill. Salut a vous, je suis lvl 55 et après avoir regardé quelques vidéo sur axton je comptais faire ce build la et je voudrais quelques conseils pour l’améliorer si possible. I found the Unkempt Harold maintained it's accuracy fairly well, even with 400 anarchy stacks because the shots continued to fire in a set wide spreading pattern. I'm using a Proactive B|tch SMG as a primary. This makes them accurate when shooting from the hip. Your melee damage can be boosted by guns when you're not rampaging. Any high capacity shield will work. Prioritise eliminating enemies dishing out fire damage (after getting rid of the slagging enemies of course), This build only heals through combat (and Dr Zed Vendors). - Page 2. Class mods in Borderlands 2 usually have a theme. It's other weakness is that it's hard to hit air units when you have a ton of Anarchy. You'll be more vulnerable while your Buzz Axe Rampage is on cooldown. Shotgun: Combines Zero's snazzy assassin skills with epic shotgun abilities. Another point to this, is that i'm recommending guns that don't usually deal much damage but work because of the Phaselock bonuses; so you may want to consider having a more powerful weapon (like the Lyuda, Invader or Unkempt Harold) to deal with these enemies. A Sham is good for generating ammo and tanking bullets. So play safe. If you are using the evolution you may want to move some points into 'Blood Soaked Shields' so you can keep it topped up and benefit from it's health regen -but if you're too effective at killing things you may start taking more damage from Blood Soaked Shields than you are healing. So this means that you should mainly be on the lookout for explosive weaponry. The Lyuda (automatic snimper) is good for killing bosses and tougher units like constructors but will burn your ammo reserves.

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