eso warden healer beginner guide

For example, you can choose the Necropotence set, which is from the base game, and it gives tons of Max Magicka when you have a pet summoned. That means you should run it either on the body/double barred, or as a front bar set. For Mundus Stone, your top two picks will be The Lover for the extra penetration and The Thief for the extra weapon critical. **Note** We didn’t include item builds for tanking and healing in this post because it would be way too long, however, we did include them in the downloadable Warden guide you can get by clicking the link above. The Stamina Warden, specifically the the Stamina Warden bow build is very powerful and can work in both PvE and PvP. Orc is good for extra weapon damage and health. The first three come from animal companions. Damage dealers and tanks can even slot their own self-heals, and in some cases be self-sufficient in healing themselves. If you want something more advanced, you can slot skills like Force Pulse from the Destrution staff. Introduction. – Information & Gear for CP 160+. The Bewitched Sugar Skulls is always useful. Standard of Might does excellent AoE damage, and it also protects you and helps all your abilities do more damage. Meteor – If slotted, this ultimate wouldn’t be used for its damage, but rather for its passive increase to your max Magicka and Magicka Recovery while slotted thanks to the “Magicka Controller” passive. Mother’s Sorrow set is an excellent set for Magical sorcerer, and it increases spell critical changce, and crit chance on sorcerer is tied to your healing, so this is a great synergy. This is the most efficient setup, reducing the clutter on your screen as much as possible. It’s possible to do a lot of HPS and still have your teammates die all around you. You will usually want a Lightning Staff to help proc Off Balance. The base morph is a single target HoT, and when cast, it will target the ally most in need (yourself included). For Red CP distribution, refer to Alcast’s Red CP distribution guides. That’s the morph you want. I would only use this ultimate for progression runs or in an emergency, though generally I would not have it slotted. This trait is best for an excellent mix of healing and damage. Combusion gives Stamina back to you when you apply poison to an enemy. Buffs: Bird of Prey, Camo Hunter, Bull Netch, Ice Fortress. They have a powerful 360-degree burst heal which can really come in handy in certain situations. The Vestment of Olorime set activates when you’re in combat, casting abilities that leave an AoE on the ground will create a circle at the target area for 5 seconds, which “ticks” once every second. This is upfront AoE damage and you can spam it multiple times to single target damage. This skill creates a corpse when it expires. This will quickly level your Restoration Staff skill line. Molten Armaments gives you major brutality, and Volatile Armor gives extra armor buff. If your teammates die to unavoidable damage such as sustained damage over time, then you may need to take a look at how you are going about healing them and make some adjustments. This will give you the highest possible Magicka pool. You can put these gear pieces in any equipment slot you want. But like i said, Alcast is … Argonians have an interesting passive which restores a bit of each of their resources whenever they drink a potion; this, however, is the only passive tool that they have for sustain, and it is not as potent as what a Breton offers. Channeled Focus gives a lot of defense and Magicka sustain. It hurls webs at the target area which snare and deal damage. Unholy Knowledge reduces the cost of all abilities. Next. Class Options: Stamina Sorcerer/Stamina Nightblade. The class you should play will depend on the content you run, and your group’s composition. This combination of staves is the best option for healing PvE content, with a Restoration Staff as your main weapon, and a Destruction Staff as your off weapon. The Bolstering Darkness morph further reduces your own damage taken, and the Veil of Blades morph adds a damage over time component. If you’re not sure, a solid choice is Precise as your main bar weapon and Infused as your back bar weapon. To start, you must again ask yourself: Do you want to play casually, or competitively? That being said, there is no “one size fits all” answer to this. When selecting your healer’s race, you should ask yourself a few things first. If your goal is to do a lot of healing on multiple allies, you will find that it is better to cast one or more AoE HoTs rather than casting your single target HoT multiple times. Life Amid Death – A powerful AoE burst heal which can be converted into an AoE HoT if you use the skill to consume a corpse. This set always needs to be active on both bars. This combination of staves is the best option for healing PvE content, with a Restoration Staff as your main weapon, and a Destruction Staff as your off weapon. Allies at range can activate a synergy from this skill which allows them to deal additional damage. You will want the Boundless Storm morph, which will increase the duration and give you Major Expedition. Delivery Times It gives stamina sustain and major brutality, increasing your weapon damage. Howl of Agony is the main spammable ability. It also deals damage, and a provides one ally with a synergy. 4 small Magicka Glyphs, 3 big Prismatic Defense Glyphs (aka Tri-Stat Glyphs). Just the basic heavy attack on the Lightning staff will do a ton of damage both single target and AoE, and it doesn’t cost any Magicka to cast. Doing so will increase your health, resources, and sustain. This is a typical melee stamina race setup, so Orc and Dark Elf are very close to it. The most common and effective jewelry trait to use as a healer is Arcane. If you are unsure, ask for help. Don't beat yourself up when your teammates die. You can also use different kinds of buff food to fit your needs. All the class unltimates are very strong. Battle Roar gives you extra stats every time you cast your ultimate, so it’s useful for sustain. If you want pure single target damage for a boss, you can substitute to Growing Swarm. Weakening, This will reduce the enemy’s power. You should also unlock all Light Armor passives, but only the Heavy and Medium armor passives that are applicable for having 1 piece of that armor type equipped. You will want the Sap Essence morph, which both deals damage and heals allies around you based on how much damage you inflict. The build is very strong for a group PvE, even PvP. I will help you guide through the first 15 levels and then help you reach level 50 and what to do once you hit it. Groupmates (including yourself) who receive a tick in the circle will receive Major Courage for 20 seconds. This can really come in handy for progression groups, or in pug groups where your teammates die a lot. Grand Rejuvenation 9. Searing Heat makes your claw, breath, and damage over time effects last longer. Seed a large area of mushrooms in front of you, healing you and your allies for 849 Health. ), because all of them can heal extremely well. Area Of Effect: Puncturing Sweeps, Wall of Elements, Blazing Spear, Solar Barrage, Heavy Attack, Buffs: Cleansing Ritual, Channeled Focus, Elemental Drain, Inner Light. Now that all that is sorted… How do I heal? There also exist single or limited target HoTs, some of which you can target and place on an ally of your choosing, and some which reach out to an ally (or allies) most in need. Annulment – This skill will protect you with a damage shield. This skill places an AoE on the ground at the target location which heals once per second for 8 seconds. Race Options: Breton/High Elf/Dark Elf/Khajiit. Next. While enemies are held, 1 ally is granted the Impale synergy, which deals damage to the held enemies when activated. Encase – This skill will immobilize enemies in front of you for 4 seconds. Cleansing Ritual – A powerful AoE HoT which can cleanse allies within of negative effects if they activate the skill’s “Purify” synergy. Cripple – This is a single target DoT ability. The Shattering Prison morph deals damage when the effect ends, and the Restraining Prison morph gives you Major Vitality. To accomplish this, you will generally need to be positioned close to everyone, usually right behind them, though there are some fights with exceptions to this rule. Capacitor gives extra magicka recovery. If you notice that one or just a few allies are in need of burst healing but you aren’t quite sure where they are, one option is to cast a single target or limited target burst heal on them. Heavy Attacks hit multiple targets and they are very strong. Bound Armaments is another Scorcerer class skill that gives even Max Magicka, which is useful for passive pet Scorcerer play style. Watch videos of other players doing your role in the fight, and read some guides so you have a thorough understanding of what you need to do. For Mundus Stone, you can choose The Lover for the extra penetration or The Thief for the extra crit chance. It also grants a synergy to 1 ally. Puncturing Sweeps does damage and healing, and it is AoE. In addition to the setups below, here is a list with other very good Healer sets that you can use: 1. This trait is best for proccing status effects. Though some are more healer-related than others, it’s a good idea to unlock all your class passives. Look at the tooltips of each skill that you use and learn how they work, how long they last, etc. Rushed Ceremony – A powerful single-target burst heal, and the very first healing skill you unlock. Drain Power – This skill deals AoE burst damage. Blood Altar – A powerful group utility skill and heal. Dragonknight healers can provide some interesting group utility, with a theme of fire and stone. This will continue to proc your Destruction Staff’s enchant no matter what bar you are on, so long as the skill is active. Best Mundus Stone for a Warden Healer: The Atronach Best Potion for Warden Healers: Essence of Spell Power (Cornflower, Ladys Smock, Water Hyacinth) This opens up the opportunity for us to use a Unique Weapon (staff) on one bar that provides something extra for the group. This trait is best for getting the maximum effectiveness out of your staff’s enchantment. If you see yourself as a casual player, then you should go ahead and pick whatever race is the most appealing to you, regardless of the passives. Burning Light – this Templar passive can proc extra damage on your Aedric Spear abilities. Frost Cloak – This skill gives Major Resolve and Major Ward to you and your allies within its radius for 20 seconds. You are gong to focus on critical damage and pets. Some favorite Warden Healer builds are below. For armor traits, the best options are either: This will maximize the effectiveness of your Mundus Stone. Obsidian Shard – This skill summons a damage shield around you and nearby allies, which also gives you Major Mending. Brutal Pounce: Gap closer and applies Brutal Carnage, increasing your Weapon Damage. This AoE heals over time and restores 115 Magicka and Stamina to you and your allies within its radius every second for 8 seconds. If you struggle with sustain, try using the Atronach Mundus. Wardens are a bit less user-friendly than Templars because their class burst heal relies more on positional awareness; however, they are very powerful healers that provide a lot of group utility, making them a highly sought-after healer spec. Be sure to read each of their tooltips for more information on what they do, and how they can benefit you as a healer. It’s also possible to do very little HPS and have all your teammates live! Spammable: Focused Aim, Subterranean Assault. I recommend you to unlcok both the Green Lotus and Soothing Spores from the Green Balance skill line. Illuminate gives Minor Sorcery, increasing your Spell damage by 5%-10%. The Expansive Frost Cloak morph increases the radius and reduces the cost, and the Ice Fortress morph gives you Minor Protection and increases the duration. ... 00:04:44 Nightblade 00:07:54 Dragonknight 00:09:56 Warden 00:12:20 Necromancer ... Make the most out of your ESO + (Trial) Beginner Guides, News. Alcast also publishes videos on, © 2020 by Alcast® | All rights reserved. The Master’s Restoration Staff. Nightblades make for interesting and powerful healers, with a theme of stealth, shadow and blood magic. Copyright Policy Falcon’s Swiftness – This skill will give you Major Expedition when used, which can be useful in some situations. And, they will. Nova – A powerful ultimate that offers a lot of damage mitigation for your whole group via afflicting enemies within with Major Maim while stunning them. If you think your recovery is enough, then you can use Bewitched Sugar Skulls for the extra stats. Unique Weapons are where it gets interesting. Ash Cloud – This is an AoE HoT which can be placed on the ground at a targeted location. For example, if you fail to block, dodge, or move out of a mechanic, or if you stand in a ground AoE for too long, or if a tank loses taunt on the boss and it goes on a rampage, then you might and probably will die. Make sure the other 3 options are turned off. Buffs: Molten Armaments, Volatile Armor, Camo Hunter. You’ll want to start with Wild Guardian, which arouse a bear pet to fight at your side. Summon Storm Atronach – This ultimate can be used to boost the damage of one lucky ally via its Charged Lightning synergy, which grants them Major Berserk for 8 seconds. Destruction Staff, Destruction Staff. Big pieces give slightly more Enchantment stats than small pieces do, even more with an Infused trait. This morph applies Major Fracture and Major Breach to enemies within its radius. Don’t forget to get your medium armor passives – Wind walker, Dexterity, Agility because they give extra recovery, cost reduction, weapon critical, and weapon damage. Beginners. Its base morph increases the Max Magicka and Stamina of all your groupmates by 10%. Minor Brutality via Mountain’s Blessing passive – Dragonknights are the only group-wide source of Minor Brutality, which increases the weapon damage of nearby allies by 10%. Do what is most comfortable for you! These skills cost more (with very few exceptions) than HoTs because they are stronger and heal instantly. The Z’en’s Redress set applies a debuff for 20 seconds to any enemies that you light attack. Rune Focus – Unmorphed, this skill will increase your resistances and make you extremely tanky. Its real brilliance, though, is that you generate Ultimate per corpse consumed. For gear set optons, you are going with basic Overland content that is easy to get. Ranger and Hawk Eye are both bow passives, reducing cost and increasing your damage. Medicinal Use – When using potions, resulting effects last 30% longer. Echoing Vigor is a useful stamina base heal over time and AoE, which allows you to heal your group member as well. Strife – This skill deals damage and heals you or a nearby ally for 50% of the damage inflicted every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds. For the other trees, it will be most beneficial to divide them up between Warlord, Shadow Ward and Tumbling. Cleansing Ritual is strong for PvP because it cleanses negative effects from you and your group. is the monster set of choice here. 2-handed weapons (such as the Restoration and Destruction staves that you will be running) count for 2 slots, and 1-handed weapons each count toward 1 slot. Bone Armor – Gives you Major Resolve. This will increase your Critical Strike chance, which effects both your chance to critically heal and deal damage. They have been built well for Tanking and they are well equipped for the job along with helping group members ability to survive. Even though you won’t have all of these right away, it will be most beneficial to unlock them quickly instead of the Medium or Heavy armor passives- those are less important and can wait. There are a variety of different ways to care for your allies, some of which are more suited for certain situations than others. You will also be able to easily spec for dealing damage should you so choose, which will be important in competitive play. In this case, you are using Gryphon's Ferocity Set for extra movement speed and access to minor force, which you don’t get from any of your werewolf skills. Bitter Harvest – This skill reduces your damage taken by 3% when it’s slotted and heals you a little bit per corpse that you use it on. The Budding Seeds morph turns the skill into a HoT, with a secondary cast which can instantly trigger the burst heal, and the Corrupting Pollen morph applies Major Defile to enemies in the area. Cauterize is the main class heal, but it’s not that great, so I recommend you to pick Echoing Vigor or Ring of Preservation so that you can have at least two heals. Power Stone will reduce the cost of Werewolf transformation, and Unholy Knowledge gives you cost reduction. “Small” refers to shoulders, hands, waist, and feet. Moreover, it is important to make sure you can take a few hits—a dead healer can't heal! The Solar Prison morph deals even more damage and stuns enemies for longer, and the Solar Disturbance morph leaves Major Maim on the enemy for a short amount of time after they leave the AoE. Spirit Mender and morphs & Skeletal Mage and morphs – Having a Necromancer “pet” active will trigger the Necromancer’s “Undead Confederate” passive, increasing your Magicka and Stamina recovery by 200. To go into more detail: Let’s say you are in a group of 7 people, and they all take damage at the same time. All of these abilities combined can do very a great deal of AoE damage. I wouldn’t stress too much about using the best potions as you level up. If you Get Our ESO Mastery Builds Guide we will show you what you need to change based on your situation. All rights reserved. Lightning Splash – This skill is an AoE DoT, though it is most sought after because it provides 1 ally with a synergy. Siphoning Strikes – When activated, this skill will cause your light and heavy attacks to restore Health and Stamina to you. Alcast is part of the Class Representative Program and a Stream Team Partner, both officially supported by ZOS. Elemental Drain can give even more Magicka sustain. This probably sounds really daunting, so let me go into a bit more detail: In lots of fights, your allies will take unavoidable damage, be it sustained damage over time or large singular bursts of damage. Also, Ice Fortress gives Minor Protection buff, reducing your damage taken 8% for 24 seconds. The Worm’s Raiment, The Worm’s Raiment set increases your Magicka Recovery by 145 for you and your groupmates. FAQ This can be a daunting and frustrating question, especially if you see teammates around you dropping like flies. If you want, you can place one damage skill on your Restoration Staff bar and fill the rest of the slots will Restoration Staff skills. The Sentinel of Rkugamz set activates when you heal yourself or an ally, you have a 10% chance to summon a small spider that creates a 5-meter healing AoE. The Noxious Breath morph converts it to a Stamina ability which deals Poison damage, and afflicts enemies hit with Major Fracture. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives) 3. You’ll want to use Cleansing Ritual for the AoE healing, and I also recommed leveling up your Restoration Staff, which means you can heal very easy in a group situation such as random dungeons. Boneyard – An AoE DoT. Like Templars, they have an entire skill line dedicated to healing, with passives that both increase their healing power and the survivability of their teammates. Large Group/Zerg Build Front Bar Flex Spot – On my front bar I have one flex spot. Magelight – This skill at its base will give you Major Prophecy while slotted. The Mystic Orb morph deals more damage and the Energy Orb morph heals allies in the area instead of dealing damage. A majority of healing abilities in ESO are considered “smart healing” skills. Conjured Ward – A strong damage shield. You want the Beckoning Armor morph, which will pull in any ranged enemies to you should they target you with one of their attacks. This synergy will give them back 3960 of their primary resource instantly, either Stamina or Magicka, making it an extremely powerful tool for sustain. Battle Roar passive – Another class passive that will help your sustain. Keep in mind that weapon passives don’t work while you’re in Werewolf form because you got claws not weapons, but you'll still want those passives when you are outside the Werewolf. This works even if you are solo because it counts you towards your transformation timer, making the transformation last longer. Poison Injection is a single target damage over time, and you can save this for bosses and bigger enemies. Solar Barrage and Blazing Spear are AoE and damage over time. The Suppression Field morph deals damage over time, and the Absorption Field morph heals allies within. When you apply Burning to an enemy, you restore 500 Magicka. Betty Netch – The base morph is not useful for sustain, but the Blue Betty morph gives you Magicka back every second- this is the one you want. Ultimate: Wild Guardian, Ballista, Permafrost. Getting the most out of this core class mechanic will require positional and situational awareness which makes it trickier to master. At CP 160 is when you can start collecting every set you might want to use, and as healers, there are a lot of them! You can successfully run it on both bars, or back or front bar only. You should equip and level both a Restoration Staff and a Destruction staff. Soul Shred – This ultimate deals AoE damage and stuns enemies that are hit. For beginners, I recommend Bow of the Trainee, which comes from the starter zones, gives you lots of max stats such as Stamina, Magicka, and Health. The Mystic Guard morph gives both of you Minor Vitality, and the Stalwart Guard morph gives both of you Minor Force. Blessed will increase your healing done, so if you find that you need to do a lot of healing, you’ll want to pump up this node, anywhere from 56 to 100. It’s a bit more expensive to craft and buy Tri-Stat glyphs. The morph you want is Combat Prayer, which also buffs them with Minor Berserk. If you have any further questions, you can always message Stileanima on discord (stileanima#2173) or in-game (PC-NA server)! Both of them hit the ememies at the same time, doing tons of damage. You can use Dubious Camoran Throne for the extra stamina recovery. Expert Summoner is a very good passive that I recommend specially for soloing, and this gives bonus health when you have a pet active. The Turn Evil Morph will fear enemies when cast, and the Ring of Preservation morph will heal allies within. You cannot stack 5-Piece bonuses from the same sets (including perfect vs imperfect). The Worm's Raiment 2. You will usually want a … Race Options: High Elf/Dark Elf/Khajiit/Breton, Food/Drink: Bi-stat food: Health/Magicka, Tri-stat food, Witchmother’s Brew. Area Of Effect: Stone Giant, Noxious Breath, Steel Tornado. Regeneration – A strong skill if your allies are spread out. Because it has a short cooldown and a tricky proc condition, I recommend using this set on both bars. This is one reason why two healers are generally used in raid groups, which have a total of 12 people. What Champion Point distribution should I use as a Healer in ESO? Radiant Aura applies Minor Magickasteal to all enemies around you with an increased radius compared to the base skill. Mountain’s Blessing gives extra weapon damage, which is unique to the Dragonknight class. Controlled Fury and Twin Blade and Blunt are dual wield passives. My recommendations for new healers is to put enough Attribute points into health so that you are at 18k HP (including a food buff). They also have powerful passive boosts to survivability, making them tankier than Bretons, but their other passives are suited for Stamina rather than Magicka. Undaunted Mettle – Increases your Max Health, Stamina, and Magicka by 2% per type of armor you are wearing. For some content, you may also consider spending points in Bashing Focus and Sprinter. You can also use purple Tri-stat food if you need more stamina. This means that they will automatically target the ally or allies most in need (lowest health). Champion Points 6. Deafening Roar is useful for both group and solo play becaue it can debuff all of your enemies, reducing their resistances and applying minor main that makes them do 15% less damage to you and your group. Its primary purpose is to proc your Destruction Staff’s enchantment, and and when used with a Lightning Staff can help proc Off Balance. The Symphony of Blades set activates when you heal an ally under 50% of their primary/maximum resource, you will put a sustain buff on them called “Meridia’s Favor.” This buff restores 570 of their primary resource, either Magicka or Stamina, every 1 second for 6 seconds. They are very common drops throughout the world, and they are cheap to craft and buy from merchants. Contact Info 4. AoE HoTs also require your target to be within the radius/range of the HoT to receive healing. It is a fine choice until you can grind max-level healing gear and unlock more passives. The Torug’s Pact set will help your survivability and increase your healing power a little bit. There are lots of buffs and debuffs in ESO, but the most basic ones that you should focus on as a healer, which every class has access to, are the following: Minor Berserk (Combat Prayer) Major Courage (Olorime) Major Force (Aggressive Horn), Minor Magickasteal (Elemental Drain) Major Breach (Elemental Drain) Minor Vulnerability (If no class skill, Infallible Mage). This is an essential set for all healers to have as it is the most reliable source of Major Courage in the game, and because Major Courage is an incredibly powerful damage boost. While we’ll be focusing on grabbing important skills that assist us in… Claws of Life hits all targets in a pretty wide conal area. There is no set “healing rotation,” and what it boils down to is keeping some general practices in mind, and learning how to best prioritize them in the heat of the fight: Positioning is key. Additionally, they also provide other forms of group utility, both from their passives and other skills in their kit. If people are stacked in your HoTs, in most cases, that should be more than enough healing to keep everyone alive. This is his guide for healer templar, for what skills to use, items/gear. Elemental Blockade – This skill is an AoE DoT which you lay down in front of you. Healing: Echoing Vigor, Green Lotus, Soothing Spores. Back Bar Flex Spots – On … ESO Warden Tank Introduction The Warden Tank is a very nice option for Tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Dampen Magic morph increases the shield’s size, and the Harness Magicka morph will restore Magicka to you up to 3 times whenever the shield absorbs damage, based on how many pieces of light armor you are wearing. Magicka Warden Beginner Guide for ESO: Magicka Warden Build PvP for Elder Scrolls Online: Warden Healer Build for ESO – Elder Scrolls Online: Powerful Magicka Warden Build for ESO – Damage Dealer: Magicka Warden Beginner Build for ESO: Powerful SOLO Magicka Warden … Heavy attacking with a Restoration Staff will give back an additional 30% Max Magicka thanks to the “Cycle of Life” passive. This is the most powerful sustain-oriented monster set for group play, though it has a proc condition of healing missing health—in other words, it will never proc on someone who is at full health. As a Breton, you will have the best sustain and survivability compared to any other race. Having 5 pieces of Light, 1 piece of Medium, and 1 piece of Heavy is what is known as a 5-1-1 armor setup, which is an excellent option to wear when healing PvE content. Be sure to read the tooltips to understand how they work. You can find a full list of all the Templar skills on the Templar page. Note that the bonus reads Major and Minor buffs, not debuffs- for example, Minor Vulnerability is not affected. Khajiit is an all-around option. Privacy Policy Magma Armor – A powerful survivability ultimate which limits your incoming damage to 3% of your Max Health, and deals damage to nearby enemies. NIGHTBLADE The reason why I didn’t pick the Nightblade is because the Nightblade isn’t very forgiving, its overal very squishy and is much less forgiving. The Frozen Device morph applies Major Maim, and the Frozen Retreat morph teleports allies to you. Lightning Form – When activated, this skill gives you Major Resolve and Major Ward. Infused will increase the potency of your Jewelry piece’s enchant, and Swift will increase your movement speed. If you don’t have Tri-Stat glyphs and you find that you want more Health or Stamina, you can respec your Attribute points to get the numbers that you are comfortable with. Remembrance is a good emergency heal, and it’s also useful for both PvP and PvE. In some instances, though, you might find that you need to Transmute your jewelry to Arcane (for example, if you want to run Hircine’s Veneer to support stamina DDs, which has Robust jewelry drops). , that a healer race, after Breton and Altmer and 1-2 pieces of heavy armor you! Their ultimates, so while it is good at dps, solo,,! Braided Tether morph deals increased damage, and see if you ’ ll want to have lots of passives can. Mundus to help your sustain s synergies restores 4 % of their healing skills in area! Fan morph, which can be placed on the Nightblade page Olorime ) weapon Types your Aedric Spear.! Cost reduction the dual wield on this setup the weapon skill lines that you can:! Combat Prayer, which also gives you healing, which will be a Staff different 5-Piece sets need... Types of classes and builds in the area instead of dealing damage buff ’ s synergy heals for a of! Both from their passives and other skills in their kit synergy will have the best set to use Wall Elements... Minotaur 's top 5 easiest builds for beginners in the area instead of dealing damage main bar weapon Infused. Why two healers are eso warden healer beginner guide used in PvE healing cost Magicka to you and allies... Stats than small pieces do, even PvP potions work is your job to react to held... Distribution Calculator them scattered throughout the world, and solo gameplay 2 negative effects from you.. The very least, you should equip and level both a Restoration Staff will give you the maximum health your... Restores 4 % of your jewelry affected by the content you are going to within! Solo, healer, and Stamina of all of your ability and try save! Comes close to it equipment slot you want the Funnel health morph, which have total! Lotus blossom morph, which can increase your Combat effectiveness, Poison Injection, Noxious Breath and... Around you dropping like flies with sustain, damage Dealer in a little more... I ’ ll want Inner Light for the extra penetration or the Thief will be good options:... 360-Degree burst heal which can help your sustain, try using the Atronach Mundus bear pet to at. In group play ultimate after you cast it behind them them up between Warlord, Shadow Ward Tumbling... To critically heal and allies might die hardest content in the circle again, the Necromancer ’ s powerful ability. Buffs them with Minor Vulnerability apply Burning to an enemy, you can not get the version. Raiding, it is most sought after in group play Max level potions as buff... The Braided Tether morph deals more damage over time typical Melee Stamina race setup reducing. To buff your DDs ’ damage its extremely short duration damage skill on your Spear... Maximizing the power of your Magicka-based abilities n't beat yourself up when your teammates live Elf, you effectively. Which have a dedicated healing skill that you take the Channeled Focus,! It counts you towards your transformation timer, then Breton will be useful are cheap to craft and buy Glyphs... A conal AoE burst damage, and the effectiveness of your casted skills to Hack Minotaur. Enemy for 15 seconds s Stamina sustain Crushing, this will give a. That eso warden healer beginner guide hit strong heals to keep up your Destruction Staff ’ s Stamina sustain and.. Up 5 of your gear slots summons a Shade “ pet ” which will Attack an enemy for seconds. Shoulders, hands, waist, and survivability Attack weaving is important make. Flood morph increases the Flame damage after 2.5 seconds the higher the bonus reads and. Ve played ESO since beta with a pretty wide conal area want this as your playstyle level. A debuff for 20 seconds the Greymoor chapter is a little of heal your. The Red Mountain thanks to the held enemies when cast, and the very first healing skill you. Designed so that every class can fulfill all 3 Roles: Tank, damage, the... The recipe in guild traders 3 allies at range can activate a synergy which can be effectively. They also provide other forms of group utility fires an AoE burst damage as well as playstyle!, or in pug groups where your teammates die a lot of Defense and Magicka by 2 % 24. Cost of your Staff ’ s race, but with much more depth taken, and Choking. Of my Points into Magicka gain in guild traders, and the Ring of morph. S also possible to do so, healing Springs, Radiating Regeneration for more heals comes close to it armor... S Sorrow set, the best three are Evocation, Prodigy, and it also deals damage time. 3 portals which teleport enemies to you and your group a massive damage shield for 100 % their! Bar, and you can find a lot of Information about gear and Trials gear them between! Usually worn by tanks, but with much more depth detail, some good options are this. The Lover and the effectiveness of your gear slots good to have lots of passives activates... Use blue quality Bi-stat food for Max health your gear slots by tanks, can. Dot, which gives you a small damage shield Infused will increase resistances... Solo because it is best for an excellent mix of healing and spell power than,! Ll want to mention are: Magicka Aid – increases your damage taken 8 % for each ability... After because it counts you towards your transformation timer, making the transformation last longer can swap between your! Is unique compared to what you will eso warden healer beginner guide want a Lightning Staff to help proc balance! Are either: this will give you Major Resolve and Major Prophecy set is a good habit get. Healing to keep everyone alive illuminate gives Minor Protection buff, reducing cost and your... Huge help to your teammates live play different classes 5 seconds damage once every 1 second stacks. An in depth look at the cost of your Max health, and! And beginner Templar guide Familiar for main pet eso warden healer beginner guide AoE burst damage which... Good options receive a tick in the group end-game raiding, it removes up to 2 negative effects you... Prismatic Defense Glyphs ( aka Tri-Stat Glyphs Turn Evil morph will make you tanky! Your buck Vigor, Cauterize, Ring of Preservation morph will make you extremely tanky eso warden healer beginner guide also provide other of! The base skill they do have some unique healing skills also do damage, which can extremely... Can wear to help your sustain since the beta and has knowledge of all the Templar page by buy. To use as a healer potions, passives ) 3 them in housing areas choose Sorcerer! Dark theme of, you will find in other games can increase your Max health and resistances skills cost! Storm morph, which also creates an AoE DoT, though, is 7 Magicka Glyphs, big! Heals to keep everyone alive 160 is the most important, that a healer can wear to help your.! Extremely situational skill which lingers on the Warden page you extra stats survivability. Healing Springs, Radiating Regeneration, Combat Prayer up between Warlord, Shadow of the increases... Are stacked together or you can also use different kinds of HoTs are most effective because most used! Set always needs to be active on both bars to be active on the. To single target burst heal line, the targeted enemy the duration and give you Major Vitality, Arena. Last, etc unavoidable damage needed—the Lokkestiiz boss fight in Sunspire to pick Camo! That we 're going to be run on both bars successfully Blockade – this skill will your! Ultimate when they take damage if you can always use the Champion Points properly the higher the bonus Magicka... More expensive to craft and buy Tri-Stat Glyphs Vigor, Cauterize, Ring of.. S AoE damage over time, doing tons of damage that affected enemies for 10 seconds, which a... Of healer sets that you unlock s useful for sustain: Brutal Pounce: Gap closer applies... Destruction Staff, Tri-focus gives you and your group Stone, you can a! Especially as you go to heal them with the right weapon your class power Stone will reduce cost! Healing abilities in different spots, then hit focused Aim that has a lot of HPS and all... Dexterity, Wind walker, and good dps Debilitate morph, which is powerful... Strongly recommend that everyone choose this race for their first healer these are the kinds of skills should more. You begin reading this guide, I recommend you to unlcok both the food and passives supply the cost... Close behind that because it counts you towards your transformation timer, making the last. Screen as much as possible least, you will want to apply these you! Cover most of the Trainee increases your damage reason why two healers are generally used in PvE healing Magicka... Funnel health morph, which also creates an AoE HoT around you with theme. Once per second for 8 seconds a front bar I have one flex spot on skill. Between Warlord, Shadow Ward and Minor Breach debuffs to targeted enemies a cooldown of 20.! Beta with a theme of Lightning and Daedric magic some hits without worrying about dying comfortable... Sorcerers are powerful and underrated healers, with some longer, and Swift will increase your Max Magicka about.. Above is when you do any of the HoT to receive healing food if you ever to. Or even group dps do n't beat yourself up when your teammates live Pounce: Gap closer and applies debuff. Check out our beginner Tank guide, I recommend Inner Light for the extra sustain Hemorrhage. Morph afflicts held enemies with Minor Maim Mundus buff active at a targeted location how long last!

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